How to Take Action and Nourish Our Spirit

We are being asked to answer the call to create a just, inclusive, world. To heal the deep wounds of racism in all its forms and to create real meaningful change. We are in the birth canal of transformation – it’s deep, deep work.  2020 reminds me of the Tower Card. In the Tarot, the […]

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What We Can Learn From Failure

Hello, my sweet friends, This has been a rock and roll time for me here in New Orleans! This past Sunday, I performed in my first improv performance with my level 1 improv group. I don’t mind being on stage and speaking publicly- but improv? Not knowing anything, stepping on stage in front of strangers, […]

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It Is Better To Receive Than To Give

Happy May everyone! I am so happy to announce that I started an IGTV channel- you can find it on our Instagram @itssoniaandsabrina. Check it out, I upload a video every week with tools and tips to help you better connect. I also love to hear from you, so if you need guidance or have […]

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