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We Live In a ‘Heady’ World

We live in a world that values intellect over everything else.

And it often causes you to overthink and doubt yourself.

But your intellect was never meant to be the main driver of your life.


Your ego and intellect are meant to be in service to our Spirit, not the other way around. And when you start living life this way, you start trusting & moving towards what resonates as TRUE instead of what’s right.


Get IN-TU-IT! : Intuition 101 is a 10-video module course designed to help you move into a direct experience of your intuition and stepping into ownership and mastery — with simple grounded tools you can use right now.


This is living life from the inside out — the way you are naturally designed to live

Listen, Life is Messy For All of Us.

But in that mess is a special magic if we choose to look beneath the surface. Being spiritually connected and divinely guided is the best way to relearn to love ourselves — unconditionally.


Your intuition is your key to clarity, confidence, purpose — and the freedom to be yourself.


There’s nothing I love more then helping you plug back into you.


Get IN-TU-IT! : Intuition 101 Online Course draws from the powerful tools I developed in over a decade of one-on-one coaching.


This toolkit has radically transformed hundreds of my students’ lives over the years — and now I want to share them with you.


Let Me Help You Today.

Value of This Course

Eliminate The Overwhelm

Discover practical tools, simple exercises and actionable steps to wipe away the anxiety and overthinking.

Reconnect With Your Intuition

Develop a deep trust and confidence in your intuition — and your true Self.

Awaken the Power of Your Spirit

Reconnect with your Spirit, celebrate your strengths and know who you really are.

What You’ll Find Inside

Get IN-TU-IT! : Intuition 101 Online Course is 10 video modules that build on my decade-long experience from hundreds of one-on-one coaching sessions with my students.

It’s also accompanied with tailored exercises that complement each video — to bring these tools into mastery, with practical tools and exercises, affirmations and guided meditations!

You’re an Intuitive Badass

  • Recognizing Your Intuition
  • How to Access Your Intuitive Guidance
  • Training your Conscious Mind to Trust and Embrace Your Intuition

Brilliant, Gorgeous, Gifted - Your Spirit

  • Get Clear on Your Gifts and Spirit
  • Develop a Blooming Relationship With Your Spirit Shifting
  • Move from Looking to Others for Approval to Looking Inwards for True Guidance
Hello? May I Ask Who is Calling? Ego, Intellect, or Intuition

  • Identifying the 3 Distinct Parts of Self: Ego, Intellect & Intuition
  • Learning Individual Signatures
  • Creating a Healthier Relationship Between Each Part Through Self-understanding and Empowerment
My Body is My BFF

  • Understanding The Vital Connection Between Intuition and Body
  • Reconnecting With Our Sacred Vessels — Our Physical Body
  • Learning Tools To Be More Attuned To Your Body & Having a Deeper Connection With Your Spirit
  • Realizing That Your Ego and Intellect Are Not Alone in This Journey
Let’s Get (Intuitive) Guidance

  • Prepare The Body To Be in a Listening and Guidable State
  • Moving Out From Black-and-White Thinking
  • Learning to Make Decisions With Vibration
Intuitive Signature

  • Learn the 4 types of Intuitive Signatures
  • Discover Your Unique Intuitive Signature
  • Start Recognizing What is True to You
Set your Intuitive Coordinates

  • Creating The Space for Intuition to Work Its Magic
  • Setting The Destinations to Your Inner GPS System (Your Intuition)
  • How Intellect and Intuition Work Together for Success
  • Most Common Mistake Why Your Intuition Isn’t “Working”
Put Your Intuition to Work

  • Developing the Habit of Using Intuition in Daily Life
  • Using Small Goals to Build Confidence
  • Learning The language of Spirit — Fun, Creativity & Play — to Better Connect With Your Intuition
Self Centered

  • Stay Centered in Your Own Energy
  • Recognize that Discomfort Isn’t Danger
  • Stop Using Intuition for People-pleasing
  • Learn Tools to Eliminate Anxiety, Overgiving Patterns & People-Pleasing
My Daily Divine Appointment

  • Creating YOUR Spiritual Routine
  • Fostering the Relationship Between Intuition and Spirit
  • Moving Into Mastery

Get IN-TU-IT! : Intuition 101

Wipe away the anxiety, reconnect with your deeper Self, and blossom into your gifts and light.

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It’s perfect for beginners!

If you take action and apply the tools given, you’ll be able to see results in the first week!

My online courses teach a way of life such that if you commit 15 minutes a day and practice the things you learn over the course of the day, all of it will be easily and seamlessly woven into your life. Plus, it’s fun and transformational!

There is a Plan For You Far Greater Than You Can Imagine

But, you have to be guide-able.