Soul Reveal

In our one-on-one Soul Reveal reading, we will look deeply at your soul lessons, your guidance and purpose, and uncover what’s really going on in your life right now. Our goal is to reveal what your soul has been begging to tell you.

Before we start our reading, I’ll ask you to send me your big burning question, that thing you feel you need the MOST guidance on. And then we will identify solid steps toward insight and solution.

In our Soul Reveal session, we will get crystal clear on questions like..…

  • What is holding me back from manifesting the life I truly want?
  • Get Your Specific Questions Answered
  • How do I get clear on my passions and my purpose?
  • Why am I continually stuck in the same unfulfilling jobs and disappointing relationships, over and over again?
  • What are my guides telling me that I’m ignoring?

Your higher soul has the answers to all those questions and more. I want to help you clear away the fog of unanswered hopes and dreams, and let the light of your true, authentic life shine through.

Soul Reveal is my signature approach to peeling back the layers of unconscious thinking, old wounds, inner-critic doubts, and all the other negativity that is polluting your being. Your Soul wants to talk to you. We are going to create the space to listen.


30 minutes : $200

60 minutes : $400