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Your Soul Wants to Talk To You

Do you live under a cloud of unanswered questions that keep you preoccupied and leave you feeling stuck and insecure?



Such as:

The answers are available — I’ll help you discover them.

When the Diagnosis is Correct, the Healing Begins

My signature soul reading will give you the answers you’re looking for and more. In our session, we’ll get to the root of your problems, uncover what’s blocking you, clear the noise from your head, and reconnect you to your inner guidance system.



You’ll get clear next steps to help you make the best decisions in the challenges you’re facing right now. We’ll clear your confusion and get solid direction on what to do next.



In a soul reading, you’ll get the answers you’re looking for.

Most importantly, we’ll address your burning questions and get clear answers and direction so you confidently move ahead.

I Grew Up In An Intuitive And Creative Home

In my home, intuition was everything. I was taught and empowered to trust my vibes above all. My favorite place growing up was in the living room of my mom, Sonia Chouquette, or hanging with my sister, Sabrina, in the living room while my parents held workshops.



I come from a long line of powerful, intuitive women who rightly affirmed that intuition is the voice is your Spirit — it is your connection to your support, guidance, power, and truth. It is your innate and essential Divine GPS — it’s natural and it’s essential to succeed in life.



For the last two decades, I have helped thousands of clients just like you in one-on-one session all over the world.



In your reading, you’ll gain the confidence and direction, and specific steps to reach your goals, eliminate your distractions and feel good about who you are and the life you live.

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Feeling Stuck?

Never fear, you’re not lost — you’re just overwhelmed. Life can do that.

Let me help you get unstuck and on your way.


Why do We Get Stuck in the first place…


We find ourselves in this place when life throws us a curveball:

That’s Where I Come In

When you’re in a self-doubting place, it’s hard to tune into your Spirit and that’s when you need help the most.


Don’t waste any more time — let me help you get the answers to your deepest burning questions now. We will identify and eliminate your obstacles, wake up your Spirit, and connect with your guides, to get you out of your own way and back in the flow.

Reactivate your intuition, quiet anxious overthinking, and stop feeling alone and lonely. Regain your confidence and connection to your true north and best of all, loving who you are while creating a life you love.

30-Minute Session


60-Minute Session



A reading is a general overview of your present condition, what’s coming ahead, and addresses your specific questions. I’ll identify your soul lessons, your innate gifts, blind spots; and offer specific intuitive guidance on how to move forward now.


Mentoring is a three-month-long personalized in-depth training. We work one-on-one to identify your specific goals, eliminate your obstacles, address your blind spots and self-sabotaging behaviors while activating your intuition, connecting you with your guides, and developing your intuition into the reliable inner guidance system it is meant to be. You’ll learn new self-empowering skills and develop confidence and competence in building the life you want.


The end result is your life becomes simpler, happier, and more satisfying.

I work by vibration — and our session takes place by phone. You share with me with your full name at birth, your birthday, and the question(s) you want to address.


It’s a wonderful, grounded, uplifting, and affirming experience that will leave you feeling reassured and clear. If you’ve never had a reading before, I understand, it can be scary but never fear, a session with me will leave you feeling nurtured, nourished, and at ease.

You can ask anything — typical questions concerning relationships, purpose in life, ways to connect and live more authentically, and how to create a life of meaning. But, whatever is weighing on your heart we will address.

The level of depth you want to get into.


In a 30-minute session, we can address 1 specific issue or challenge and in a 60-minute session we have time to get more in depth and address more concerns.

Your Soul Already Has All The Answers, We Just Need To Tune In

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