Get Into it Masterclass

You’re ready. The time is right NOW for you to step into our own
authority, connected and guided by your body. This is your moment to build your spiritual community.

Get Into It Masterclass is centered around the truth that the intellectual understanding of something doesn’t create lasting change. Accountability, experience, joy and community bring these tools to life.

Maybe you’ve just woken up to the voice of your intuition, or maybe you’ve felt it forever but now you’re ready to stop overthinking, quiet your inner perfectionist, get clarity, and build your confidence.

As humans, we are not meant to do things alone. When we connect to both our Spirit and to other people, we plug into joy. We amplify our magic. This Class is your incubator that will create the space and support for you to deeply listen and engage.

In our

Get Into It Masterclass you will . . .

  • Develop a strong relationship with your intuition.
  • Get clear guidance for how to uncover your unique gifts.
  • Learn how to nurture a relationship with your unique Spirit type.
  • Build your confidence, and ignite your creativity and joy.
  • Let go of anxiety and overthinking, and embrace true guidance.
  • Learn how to use your intuition to create better relationships.
  • Find your people who uplift and support you.

Get Into It and Join the Waitlist!

You’ll get video modules with simple
explanations, a detailed Workbook, and homework to strengthen your intuition, build your confidence and bring it into a truly embodied experience.

We will have 8 classes, each one building upon another. The classes will be recorded and sent for you to keep forever.

You have every opportunity to ask questions, get clarity, create community, and have fun – because the hallmark of a life guided by Spirit is that it is filled with joy.