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Find Your Soul Tribe

Most of my clients tell me that they feel alone, and how other people don’t get them.


Maybe you’re wondering if there are others just like you who feel a calling with an undeniably strong connection to your intuition.


You might have always felt it deep inside for the longest time and now your Soul is calling out for something greater. You’ve woken up to the voice of your intuition, and you’re ready to expand your community and start to live a more spiritually connected, intuitively rich life.


The Group Masterclass Sessions are centered around the universal truth that lasting change comes from developing a deep connection with your Spirit, as you discover your spontaneous magic & realizing that – you’re never alone.


These group sessions are nurturing places for you to strengthen your intuitive muscles, develop your believing eyes, and tap into your own deeper intuitive power. These deep, interactive classes provide access to incorporating accountability, community, & practical action into your spiritual journey.


Each Masterclass Session includes one live zoom class per week, written homework and a dedicated group discord to foster community! 

What To Expect From The Masterclass Sessions

Each week, you’ll be getting live zoom classes, homework and a dedicated foster community to strengthen your intuition, build your confidence and elevate your intuitive growth into a truly embodied experience.

For the whole month, we will have a live Zoom class with each one building upon the other. And every one of the classes will be recorded; you’ll have access to the recorded classes forever.


You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, gain clarity, connect with your people, and most importantly – have fun!

Building a Relationship with Your Spirit

  • Rediscover Your Spirit + Unique Signature
  • Learn the Vibrational Signatures of Your Spirit, Your Conscious Mind + Ego
  • Uncover Your Innate Gifts
  • Gain Clarity on what your Spirit Wants to Tell You Right Now
  • Begin Using Your Intuition Purposefully to Create

Unblocking Your Body + Healing Limiting Beliefs

  • How to Use Your Intuition to Heal the Connection With Your Body
  • Understand How Intuition Speaks in Your Body
  • Uncover Unconscious Beliefs + Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind
  • Connect Your Ego + Conscious Mind to Trust Your Spirit
  • Clear Energetic Cords and Clear Karmic Patterns
Unlock Creativity - Intuition + Imagination

    "I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. " - Albert Einstein

  • Remove Fear From Creative Thinking
  • Reconnect to Play as the Road to Creative Solutions + The Portal to Intuitive Listening
  • Learn How Creativity and Intuition are Linked
  • Bring Visioning into Focus - Foundation to Manifestation
  • Eliminate Doubt + Be Confident
  • Use Your Intuition and Spirit Guides to Find Solutions
Connect with your Spirit Guides and Spirit Team

  • Connect with your Unique Spirit Guides + Team
  • How to Recognize Guides + their Unique Signature
  • Learn the Specific Language of your Spirit Guides
  • How to Recognize and Call in Your Spirit Guides for Support
  • How to Communicate with Your Guides Effectively
  • Create Internal Space to Connect with your Spirit Guides and Feel Their Loving Support
Life Centered In Spirit

  • Create Your Spiritual Routines + Build a Consistent Practice
  • What it means to Live a Spirit Forward Life
  • How to Stay Connected to Your Spirit

What you will learn:

Each week, you’ll be given grounding tools to move you into a direct relationship with your Spirit. You’ll gain confidence, clarity, and connection to your Spirit as your new normal. 


Discover unconscious blocks and heal limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in outworn patterns so you can create the life you want. Develop a deep relationship with your Spirit, Spirit Guides, and Higher Self – learn to get grounded guidance, with actionable steps to move you forward. 


What are the benefits?

Join the tribe!

This is a 5 week, live, transformational program. Class starts on May 8, at 6:30 PM CST