Meet Sonia

Welcome to my passion.

There’s nothing I love more than helping people connect to their authentic joy. Live spontaneously and in their truth. Rediscover their sense of play and awaken their inner guide. It is my mission, my service, my path.

Everything I am I learned from my family – we are four generations of intuitives and psychics. My grandmother and mother taught me early to trust my vibes, stay close to my spiritual and angelic guides, and live a life of ease and flow by channeling my highest, most essential Self.

I know in my heart that my purpose in life is to help people in the same way my family has helped me. I want people to…

Live Life Inside Out.

When I think about Living Life Inside Out, I think about all the things I love about this human experience we all share: Snacks and sunshine. Flowers and bubbles. Dancing and roaming the world. Connectivity and play.

It’s my gift, my inner glow, to help everyone I can plug back into themselves. Remind them of their brilliance so that they reconnect to their magic and build a life connected to their personal power and Spirit. To see accurately- to ignite their inner glow.

I live in New Orleans, land of mystery and magic. A place steeped in legendary art, food and music (my love language). I was called here and I came, because I learned at a very young age to trust my innate knowing, my instinct, my GPS.

Here’s what I know for sure: your head and your heart are meant to be best friends, and that when you Live Life Inside Out, your head and heart are one.

Listen, life is messy for all of us. But, in the mess is magic- if we choose to look beneath the surface. Being spiritually connected and divinely guided is the best way to relearn to love ourselves – unconditionally. To trust the mess, rekindle our creativity, and listen within. To deeply trust yourself and dance through life with clarity and confidence and joy.


Learn how to trust and navigate. To live an intuitive life takes courage. Check out my Freebies page for tons of tools!