My Book

Sonia and Sabrina are gifted psychics, spiritual teachers, sisters and best friends. Together they wrote a book about growing up as the fourth generation of a psychic family.

From an early age, Sonia and Sabrina were trained and inspired by their mother – world renowned spiritual teacher and intuitive mentor, Sonia Choquette – and deeply connected to the world of spirits and guides. As young girls, Sonia and Sabrina learned to tap into their intuition and trust their vibes. Today, even though they live an ocean apart (Sabrina is in London and Sonia lives in New Orleans) they are always together, immersed in their shared experiences and sister-love. This book is an absolute joyride for anyone wanting inspiration to live a more integrated spiritual life, grounded in a very real, human experience.

You Are Amazing will help you deepen your intuition, expand consciousness, and fuel your creativity.