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Grounded Spirituality for The Real World

Coming from a long line of intuitives, Sonia and Sabrina are sisters and best friends.

Growing up in a deeply spiritual household, Sonia and Sabrina were always taught to trust their intuition by their mother — world-renowned spiritual teacher and intuitive mentor, Sonia Choquette.

This book is the perfect guide for anyone wanting a practical tool kit to live a more integrated spiritual life, grounded in a very real, human experience.

We Also Had Super Regular Problems

In this book, me and my sister Sabrina get close and personal with our successes, failures and lessons on our journey to better trusting our vibes.


We teach you how to become your own best friend, trust your vibes and your heart, and move through life with confidence, trust, and creativity — even if you’re not totally sure where you’re going.

4.7 out of 5

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Meet Sonia

Sonia Tully is a fourth-generation intuitive with over a decade of one-on-one coaching experience.


Sonia Tully was raised by the premier authority on intuition and New York Times best-selling author, Sonia Choquette. She spent most of her childhood in the back of her mom’s intuitive classroom, or on the floor of her reading room. In college, she offered readings and provided mentoring in the back of her car in the parking lot.


After the market crash in 2008, Sonia saw her friends, and people she loved, scared and struggling to figure out what’s next. So she decided to come out of hiding and fully embrace her true calling.


I feel like this book was written for me. I love personal growth books. This one is one of the best I’ve read when talking about listening to your intuition. If you are looking for an easy read that has you laughing at parts and possibly relating with others — this is it.


It is written by 2 women in their early 20’s so if you are looking for a book that’s stuffy and just fact upon fact, this isn’t it. The authors have young hearts, personal life examples, senses of humor and can relate to the modern woman.


It’s like a friend, a mentor and a coach all in one. It’s real — Sonia and Sabrina are frank and honest about what life is like, struggles and all, living at this time. I’ve been using the tools they teach to connect with my intuition and my heart and it’s helped me so much! I’ve understood and worked through my destructive patterns with love rather than with shame. ❤️ ”

G J Ford

I love this book. It is like listening to your best friends helping you to navigate through this thing we call Life. Very practical tips on learning to love and appreciate yourself and who you are. They teach you how to be present and to tune into the small voice God gave us that we ignore by being on autopilot and distracted by modern conveniences.


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