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There Is Something Deeper Within You Calling Out

When life’s noise starts blocking you from the real power inside yourself, you can feel lost and stuck.


However, when you learn how to plug back into your intuition — your innate divine GPS — you get on the path that is right for YOU.


When you live in your heart instead of reacting to what others expect, inner peace comes naturally.


Don’t waste time. Step onto your true path now.

A Fourth Generation Intuitive

I come from a long line of powerful, intuitive women who recognize that your intuition is the voice of your Spirit — the most creative, empowered, authentic expression of you. It is the channel for your Divine support, guidance, and flow.



I started my formal esoteric training at 12 and have since traveled the world, teaching alongside my mom, Sonia Choquette, and my sister, Sabrina.



And over the last decade, I’ve successfully taught hundreds of my clients to start living life deeply connected with their intuition and guided by their deepest values.

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You Are Amazing

This book was written as a love letter to you — sharing our tips and tools from over 2 decades of combined mentoring and teaching while growing up in a deeply intuitive but messy life.


We teach you how to become your own best friend, trust your vibes and your heart, and move through life with confidence, trust, and creativity — even if you’re not totally sure where you’re going.

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Join me and my sister, Sabrina, in conversations about what it really means to live a divinely guided life — connected to your intuition.


Welcome to the family!

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