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My greatest wish is to help you create the life of your dreams. Let me take you there.

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You may have grown up as the sensitive kid in your family (or the black sheep). Maybe you were really good at reading other people…or reading the room. Maybe you were always rewarded for being responsible (which meant following other people rather than listening to your own inner voice).

But now, you’re ready for a big shift. Rather than tuning into other people, you want to trust your inner guidance. You’re ready to come out of hiding. You want your head and your heart to become the best of friends.

It’s time to call back the pieces of yourself that you hid because you were told you were sensitive, too emotional. You’re ready to root back into your body as your first home, and uncover your gifts, your magic, and your spontaneous joyful, creative self.

Too many people are taught to live life from the outside in, allowing others to tell them how to think and feel. I grew up in a family steeped in intuitive guidance and spiritual access. I know in my heart that living life from the inside out is our authentic way of being. And I will show you how.

My signature Inside Out Mentoring program is perfect for you if you want to

Own your intuition, so that it is no longer a process that only occurs on a meditation pillow, but one that you’re connected to all the time.

Empower your intuition to become your unique GPS – letting it lead you to natural solutions, and allowing it to quiet your anxiety so you can receive real guidance.

Move out of the falsehood that life is “black and white” and away from old ideas of “right and wrong” – those empty traps we all get caught up in. (I promise you beloved, that is not how your life is meant to unfold.)

Return to your authentic self – heal old wounds, build your natural intuition, and align with your deep spiritual guidance.

Get clear on your real goals, take back your voice, move into trusting your creative spontaneous Spirit and life.

Find tools that are perfect for YOU, because my Inside Out Mentoring is not one-size-fits-all. I will tailor our approach to your experiences, struggles, gifts and goals so that you can achieve the personal solutions you seek in all aspects of your life.

Embrace creativity, and use fun and play to unveil the magic that awaits you.

Immerse yourself in joy.

Let’s get started!

Are you ready to skip, dance and twirl your way into authenticity? Are you ready to align deeply with your identity and achieve real and lasting happiness? Is it time to build your life around your heart, connected and relying on your intuition to show you the way?

When you work one-on-one with me, here’s what you can expect:

We will wipe away the fog of confusion, overthinking,
second-guessing and criticism so that you can see the world with your clear, intuitive mind.

We will free you from anxiety, and move you into a life rooted in worthiness and love. You will begin trusting your spontaneous spirit, which will bring you the strength and peace of mind you’ve been looking for.

We will reveal and connect you to your true Self. And we will
prepare you to connect with others and with your guides, who are here to help you, lift you up, and let you shine. You will realize you are always guided, and never alone.

In my 12-week intensive mentoring program, I will give you personalized, tailored weekly homework assignments designed to create a deep shift within you. This is not just about thinking new thoughts – My Inside Out Mentoring program will create deep, soul-level change in you, and help you gain momentum and support as you begin to live the joyful life that awaits you. This is not just information. This is TRANSFORMATION.

You and I will work hand-in-hand to tap into your beautiful intuition, call in your ever-present spiritual guidance, and manifest the life you want to live.

12-Week Package

INSIDE OUT mentoring package: $3500

12 one-hour phone calls

12 homework assignments

Full access to Sonia for support and insight


“I found Sonia at a time in my life when I didn’t know what I needed but I knew I could not keep going the way I was going, and I just wanted to talk to someone close to my age who could understand how my day-to-day life actually felt. I brought my broken, desperate self to our calls and Sonia met me with so much grace, ease, patience, and humor that I felt completely understood and safe. Her intuition is so sharp that it blew my mind every time she was able to identify how I felt and what I needed to hear even when I had no idea what to say. She showed me how to see the intuition that I’ve always had and how to wake up my sweet spirit enough to access my inner guidance, even in moments when things felt so bad that I couldn’t see how it would ever get better. I learned how to dance through trauma (literally), discover how accurate my intuition is when I listen to it, and break my way out of a toxic relationship without abandoning my heart. Sonia’s dedication to me changed my life more than any one thing I’ve ever done before. Her work with me was so personal and powerful that things clicked into place for me so much faster than when I just read or watch general content because it was all tailored specifically to me. Sonia loves so hard, shines so genuinely, and helped me find my truth and feel better so much that now I can’t even imagine how I lived before the way I live now, with my intuition leading the way. I tell everyone about Sonia because she is the literal best real-life teacher for our generation, and we all super need to get in touch with how intuitive we are! Trust me, your happiness is worth this investment.”


“Sonia is an exceptional mentor and coach, she has been my teacher, my guide and cheerleader, and I am so grateful for her wisdom and support during some of the most challenging times in my life. What makes her so unique is that you don’t even have to explain too much how you’re feeling, she intuitively picks up on your energy and puts your experience into words with clarity and lightness. I trust her completely with all the most sensitive feelings, and she ’sees me’ at a soul level, which is deeply affirming and healing. The times when I felt no one quite understood, or quite held the space for me that I needed, Sonia was there and she understood. She is the real deal!


“I have been working with Sonia for several months. She has a caring, supportive, grounded presence that helps me trust and open up.  Our sessions are a combination of me sharing various challenges and her providing insight, feedback, and guidance.  While the guidance is spiritual, it is also rooted in practical steps that make sense and ultimately helps me grow into the person I want to be.  I appreciate the fact that she is truly connected to my spirit and is focused on helping me find my way.”

Mary M

“I feel honoured to have been working with Sonia for over a year. Having her as my coach/mentor has been amazing for my spiritual growth.

Sonia has taught me from a place of intuition, unconditional love, support, patience and wisdom. She has given me many tools which have helped me deal with financial worries, family issues, personal growth and more.   She has been instrumental in giving me assistance to heal on a very deep soul level as well helping me to believe I can manifest all my dreams. This was, and continues to be, a very special gift. Every day I feel more confident to be the powerful woman that I am. I’m truly grateful and blessed to have Sonia in my life, and so thankful for all the healing that has happened in my heart as a result of the work we are doing together.”

Karen R

“Sonia has been coaching me for two and a half years.  I am in my fifties with teenage kids.  I had a difficult childhood.  Life was always laden with an extra dollop of stress. I seldom felt comfortable in most daily situations and I never felt that I belonged anywhere. I tried psychiatrist and psychologist, two week retreats and none of it worked. With Sonia for the first time, I have someone in my corner, on my side.  It makes all the difference.  She knew better than anyone how to gain my trust, and how to gently help me work through life long scars.  She is brilliant.  I learn so much during our phone calls and she has taught me techniques that I use on a daily basis to stay grounded.  She is the voice of reason and the emotional support that I needed in order to breath.  She is a truly good person to her core.  I am so grateful that I found her.”


“I will always be beyond grateful for the opportunity to work with Sonia. Before my guides led me to her, I was living through my ego and it was always telling me things I “should” do. If I didn’t live up to these unrealistic expectations, I would feel incredibly guilty and afraid. It was awful. I was exhausted and I truly felt like I had lost my spark. I was also living in the future; because of this mindset, I was living from a place of fear. I was missing out on my entire life and all of the wonderful magic and gifts that were there all along.

Working with Sonia has completely shifted my life into a better place. She has taught me that having boundaries and putting myself first does not in any way make me a bad person; if anything, it makes me a better person and allows me to bring a higher vibration into this world. She also taught me how to search for the answers within instead of searching for them externally and from a place of fear. I’ve started to ask for help and guidance from my angels and guides and I receive so many wonderful messages and signs from them. They have helped me to follow my true path, and in doing so, I feel more balanced and my spirit feels lighter. I’m also learning to surrender and to put my trust in the Universe. And to breathe. And that things are OK.

I still have to put in the work every single day because it is SO easy to fall back into old ego patterns or to pick up on negative energy (especially as an empath). I still have tough days where I struggle and feel lost. However, thanks to Sonia, I’m able to recognize when this starts to happen and I now have the tools I need to make the right changes.”

Kim M

“Sonia is a true blessing and a great light. She’s highly intuitive, supportive, loving and wise. I love her fun spirit and how much she cares. She’s offered me great insight and tools to help navigate through a difficult time. She’s just amazing and she’s exactly who I needed at this time in my life. Not only is she taught by the best teacher I’ve ever studied with, but she too is a force of love and guidance to be reckoned with. I feel like I’ve known her forever even though it hasn’t been long. She is an incredible guide and a soul sister through and through.”

Ben A. Film Maker