What Type of Spirit Are You?  TAKE THE QUIZ
What Type of Spirit Are You?  TAKE THE QUIZ

You're Clairsentient !


Clairsentience is where intuitive messages come through as feelings, not to be confused with emotions. Your intuitive messages come to you through feelings in your body – maybe tingles, chills, or a hot or cold sensation. If the hairs on the back of your neck stand up pretty regularly, that is your intuition.


If you can read the emotions of others or sense collective energy in a crowd, you’re experiencing clairsentience.


If you can FEEL other’s pains and hurts, you’re experiencing clairsentience.


You can strengthen your gift by:


1. Make sure to have alone time to process things, so you can tell what is your own energy and what is others.


2. Become more aware of over-giving and people-pleasing and develop good energetic boundaries, as these can deplete your energy more quickly. Meditation, dancing, or yoga are great ways to get back into your body and stay in balance.


3. Start journaling! Buy a journal (or use the notes app on your phone) and write down your feelings, your intutive “hits” and your energy levels through the day. This will help you to grow your intuition and learn your unconscious patterns.


Just like learning any new skill, it’s more fun and way less frustrating to have some help along the way…and you’ll find yourself learning more and faster than on your own.