What Type of Spirit Are You?  TAKE THE QUIZ
What Type of Spirit Are You?  TAKE THE QUIZ

You're Clairaudient!

Congratulations! You’re clairaudient – this means that your intuitive guidance speaks to you simple words, sounds and vibrations. You’re sensitive to higher frequencies and your guidance shows up in simple words that drop in.


You’re the type of person who is most likely to be a channel or medium.


Spirit speaks to you – literally. And your gift is to help share messages from Spirit with the world.


You can strengthen your gift by:


1. Meditating and creating a quiet space to listen.


2. Become aware of who is actually doing the talking – if it leaves you with no choice, if it’s harsh or mean, if it says “should,” “have to,” or “must” it’s your inner critic. Your intuition never shoulds on you!


3. Start a journal! Buy a journal (or use the notes app on your phone) and write down the words and messages that drop in. This will help you to grow your intuition and learn the language of your subconscious.


Just like learning any new skill, it’s more fun and way less frustrating to have some help along the way…and you’ll find yourself learning more and faster than on your own.


That’s why your intuition led you here!