What Type of Spirit Are You?  TAKE THE QUIZ
What Type of Spirit Are You?  TAKE THE QUIZ

You're Blocking Your Intuition!

It’s not as bad as it seems! You’re intuitive but your logic brain has hijacked your life. It’s time to quiet the parts that constantly want to figure out the “right” answer so you can reconnect with your innate Divine voice- your intuition.


Your mission- if you choose to accept it, is to reconnect to your body, mind, Spirit, and soul. Not only will this simplify your life but quiet the inner critic that muffles your intuition- and makes things harder than they need to be.


Once you open up to support, life flows with ease so you can share your beautiful gifts with others without worrying about doing it “right”


You can awaken your intuition by:


1. Getting out of your head and moving your body – dance, yoga, or walking. Anything that drops you into the present moment and quiets the constant chatter.


2. Become aware of your gifts – what do you love about yourself? Build your self-care muscles and practice being compassionate with yourself! Being a human being is hard – so recognize you’re not alone and the connections you yearn for are only a breath away.


3. Start a journal! Buy a journal (or use the notes app on your phone) and write down how you’re feeling and empty the overthinking garbage so it’s not rolling around in your head anymore. This will help you to connect with your intuition and discover the language of your subconscious.


Just like learning any new skill, it’s more fun and way less frustrating to have some help along the way…and you’ll find yourself learning more and faster than on your own.


That’s why your intuition led you here!