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How To Connect To Spirit Guides

The call is coming from within, not beyond.

In this video, I’m gonna debunk some common spirit guide myths and give you some really simple tools to access your inner guidance and your inner connection with your spirit guide so you can connect and have more flow, more confidence and also not miss the divine messages that are here for you.

There’s a big misconception that spirit guides exist or communicate to us outside of us. 


One of the number ways that I can tell if somebody has a genuine connection with their spirit guide as opposed to their high intellect really tricking them comes to how they language their connection with their spirit guide.


Our ego intellect likes to make spirit guides – these things that are outside of ourselves that we have to try for that, we have to reach for that, we have to figure out, and anytime that we’re in ego and trying to connect a spirit you can tell because your connection–


I’ve seen this with my clients for years. people who have mother mary as their main spirit guide, and it’s not just mother mary, you can actually connect to the energy of mother mary or buddha or Peter, Paul, and john, but it’s really about it being larger than life.


“It” being something so outside of themselves that, in a way, makes them special.

When we connect with our spirit and with our guides, the call comes from within.

That’s how we said, so I had a gut feeling. I have a guide.


We have to pay attention because in order to really notice the messages from our guides, it doesn’t resolve in your mind, but it’s in your heart. How does it resonate? Did it resonate as true? Did everything in you open up? Did it connect to your heart space or come through the portal of our heads that have a lot of expectations when it comes to spirit guides? When it comes to what and how we think it should unfold. 


Number one:  Your spirit guides connect to you through the portal of your physical body. 


They speak in signs and symbols, they don’t use a lot of words, and they often use a lot of humor.


Spirit guides bring a lot of joy and levity, but the only way that you’re going to be able to know if you’re getting a message from your spirit guide is, first of all, you have to be present in your physical body. 


We are in our heads constantly in the past and in the future, trying to figure things out. You’re gonna miss the call. You might have the most beautiful clear spirit guided message, but you will completely, absolutely miss it.


It reminds me of a client of mine who really wants to connect with her spirit guides, and she would get all of these really clear numbers that kept repeating. She kept getting these same messages over and over and over again, but she was so attached to what it was supposed to be.


Anytime that she got a sign, any time that she got a hit, any time that she got a nudge instead of sitting with it, how does that resonate in my own body? how does what unfold? how can I quiet my mind to just see what shows up? She would immediately go to google or research all of the books.


There could be really good information, but unless we start to pay attention to our own experiences. Intuition really in connecting with your spirit guides at the end of the day really means trusting your own experience, and we can use these tools and resources as a wonderful way of support to give us more context and information but if that’s our automatic then what we do is we are affirming to ourselves that I don’t know and I can’t trust myself, and I have to give my authority to someone else.


If we can first even just pay attention, for example, if you get a number that repeats over and over and over again before you run to find the contacts, to look up the numerology, to look up what it means, just give it a minute. Sit with that. What does that mean? What shows up? What are the first words, the first feelings, the first hits nudges that start to appear to you?


Just sit with that. Bring it into your heart and see does that resonate, and then afterward, we can go consult different books and guides, and resources.


Because what this does is, one, it helps to build our own intuitive knowledge and builds a connection with our own spirit guides and with ourselves. 


It really builds our confidence in what comes up and also allows our own spirit to speak to us and our own guides to speak to us, not through the filter of someone else.


Second of all, when we are connecting with our spirit guides, we have to connect to the channel of our heart space.


The higher our own personal vibration, the height that when we raise our vibration, that’s where we get and get more in touch with the frequency of spirit. If we’re in a low vibration, which means that we are overly identified with the physical world, with our bodies, with our stories disconnected, if we are in a lot of negativity, those are all low bright vibration things.


Now, if we can connect to our heart space, what it is that we love, being open and curious, opening up these different channels, these are simple ways that we raise our vibration, which raises the frequency, which allows our spirit guides to communicate with us.


Third, we have to be present. Our intuition and our spirit communicate to you in the present moment, and if we are in our heads, we will miss Elvis Presley walking down the street as your spirit guide.


This is a really important thing because, I mean, let’s be real, no one is present all the time. I’m definitely not but making the space to even bring my attention. Am I present? Am I present for guidance? Am I in a place of listening? Am I available for guidance? Have I noticed the different ways that my guides are speaking to me? Have I given attention and weight to those different little channels?


I am here in Paris at my mom’s house. One of the ways that my spirit guides connect with me is by leaving me pennies saying you are on the right path, just like the other evening– last night, I was feeling disconnected in my head and a lot of anxiety just in my own momo as we would say. I was sitting talking to my partner, and I looked down, and all of a sudden, on the balcony was a shiny penny, and that resonated in my heart space that everything was gonna be okay. That I can let go. 


If I weren’t present, I would have completely missed it, or if I immediately started googling what a penny is. what does this mean? but discount my own experience.

So where we can notice, bring our attention and then say does that resonate? How does that feel?


Because spirit guides don’t come from out there, they come through your heart space. The headspace channel is where we hear them. So the more that we can be in our bodies, the more that we can be present, the more that we can be listening, the more that we can be available for guidance, the more that we will be, and the more that you are guidable, the more that your spirit guides will come and play with you and bring you messages of support.


So another simple tool is to ask yourself where all the ways that you’ve already been guided, what are all the synchronicities that have already showed up, and affirm those things to yourself.


The more that you affirm those experiences as true, the more that you affirm to your higher self that you trust your spirit guides.


I hope that you enjoyed this. I could do a whole series I’m sure I went longer than expected, but I had a lot of fun so tell me, what are the ways that your spirit guides communicate with you? What are the sensations in your body that you feel?


Tell me below. I love to hear from you!


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All my love, bye!

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