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How to Quiet Your Ego, Tame Your Intellect and Access Your Intuition

Together we’ll work through how to get away from the noise in your head so that you can let your
intuitive guidance in and listen to it while it guides you. You’ll learn how to differentiate ego, intellect, and intuition. I’ll pass along the tools I’ve learned from my family’s four generations of spiritual teachers, intuitive mentors and psychics.

MAY 23 2021

Trusting Your Intuition

You get intuitive hits, little nudges, aha
moments… but you find yourself doubting these signs and whispers and living in a world of “coulda woulda shoulda”.

You constantly wonder and second-guess yourself, trying to figure out if it’s your intellect or your intuition that’s trying to talk to you. And in the process, you’re wasting time and squandering precious opportunities for connection and synchronicity.

In this Workshop, I’ll help you shine the light on those golden moments of connection. You’ll learn to trust your intuitive guidance, and listen to what it’s telling you. Your life will start to open up with possibilities, happy coincidences, surprising nuggets of wisdom and true, unfettered joy.

JUNE 20 2021

Healing the Perfectionist: Let’s Find What Feels True

Perfectionism is the intellect trying to figure out every last little thing instead of allowing us to connect back to our Spirit, our deeper Self. When we move away from Black + White, Right + Wrong, we move into what feels TRUE. And that is where we are meant to live.

In this Workshop, you’ll learn what to do when your inner perfectionist gets stuck on an endless loop inside your head, and we’ll heal that voice so that it can quiet down. You’ll learn how to distinguish that critical inner voice from your true intuition. And I’ll share three tools to Heal your Perfectionist so you can stop doubting yourself and your Spirit once and for all.

JULY 18 2021