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Why Your Inner Child Unlocks Your Intuition

If you're wanting to superpower your intuitive abilities or are having trouble getting guidance, connecting to your creativity, your spontaneity, your presence, and fun. It's time to reconnect with your inner child.

In this video, I’m going to share with you some grounded tools on how to reconnect with your inner child, unlock your intuition, and create more fun, presence, and spontaneity in your life.

Your inner child is the key to unlocking your intuition, super powering your life, and creating more fun, spontaneity, creativity, and pleasure.



So what is your inner child? 



Your inner child is your subconscious connection to you as a little kid, and it is the seat of your imagination, of your power, of your intuition, and your fun.



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So let’s dive in. 



Your inner child is your subconscious connection to you as a little kid.



This is where we form our thoughts, our beliefs, and these different patterns. It’s connected to our spontaneity, to our fun, to our creativity, to our ability to connect to ourselves, to the divine, and to the world at large.



And what I find so true is that we are suffering from an epidemic of seriousness and productivity and having to do it right.



Our little ego selves get so wrapped up in doing a good job or being perfect that it disconnects us.



We get so stuck in our heads and overthinking, trying to figure it out, not wanting to look stupid, but all of this ego-self that we use to try and protect our heart space, trying to protect ourselves disconnects us from deeper listening, disconnects us from the present moment where we couldn’t talk to our intuition.



I had a client just recently who was a banker, and she came to me because she was like, I for a long time felt like I’ve been sleepwalking through my life.



I did everything right. I have this really great job. I’m in this very corporate work. I love my work. It’s a lot of numbers and figuring things out, but I can’t seem to connect to my intuition.



I’m following all the steps I’ve followed, all the books I’m taking, all the courses, what can I do?



And the first thing that I noticed about her energy was how serious it was.



This subject of intuition was serious and it was something that needed to be studied and figured out when in reality, that part that tries to figure it out and organize the world around us, that ego, the intellect has no access to deeper listening and has no access to creativity, to solutions, or to anything outside of appearance or what’s on the surface.



So I gave her the homework to go back and check-in with what did she love to do as a child?



And when I asked the question, she was super confused- like I’m not totally sure what I liked to do as a child.



So she came back the next week and she was like, “You know, one thing that I really love to do


 as a kid was imagine. And what I also did was draw and paint all of the things that came into my imaginative field and that was my world.”


So we started to play with that.



I was like, Let’s open up that space of imagination. Let’s use that same portal of listening, your intuition as you did as a little kid to start to come up and create with these creatures.



So the first rule was, that there is no right or wrong answer. It’s just connecting to what feels good for me for now.



And this is also a tool that I teach all the time, trust and follow your intuition.

So she did that and we started to come up with just the question of what does my spirit want me to know right now?



And so I said, Let’s use that same portal of imagining and creating.



And at first, she was like “I am not totally sure this feels kind of uncomfortable like wearing an old suit jacket.”



So I just said, let’s come up with 40 different things.



And the first thing that came up was, “My Spirit wants me to play.”



And I was like, “All right, that’s your head.”



And then as she started talking, as she started to kind of get the wheels moving, started to get out of trying to figure it out and more into listening in the present moment.



What popped out was taking a salsa class and that was her intuitive guidance.


She was like, It resonates in my whole body. It sounds so much fun and something totally different than anything that I would have done in my real life.



Hallmark of intuitive guidance. 



When we’re talking about our inner child and our intuition, how are they connected? 



Well, first of all, our inner child is connected to the subconscious part of us.


This is what is below our thinking mind. It’s our creative, playful, imaginative, connected, spontaneous present part.



And all of those things are the same faculties that we use in our intuition.



Our intuition connects dots that we might not be able to see.



It comes up with solutions. 



Its present is listening, and it always leads us to our highest good.



And following it is often fun because it usually means that we’re on some sort of adventure.



So when we can start approaching our intuitive, spiritual life with that same curiosity of just being available and aware, it changes our whole approach to our spiritual lives.



And so the very first thing I’m going to encourage you to do is how what is your connection with your inner child?



How much of your life is so serious with your identity, how you appear, and how much are you worried about being a made fool of or having the wrong answer?


That means that your little inner child is locked up.



Second of all, what we can do is start to reconnect with our inner child.



Getting out a picture is a really beautiful way to start to anchor into that energy and even start to ask yourself, What did I love to do as a kid? What was my what? What did I do to play? What did I do to create? What were the things that really lit me?



Now, this is a golden thread.



Not only does it reconnect you to your inner child, but it reawakens your heart space.



This is the portal that our intuition comes in on.



And this is the superpower to manifest in everything. It is. It is like that big, big, nice juice. I don’t know what that means, but we’re going with it.



So in reconnecting and just starting, then implement those activities in your life.


Did you like imagining? 



Maybe give yourself 15 to 20 minutes.



Just layout in the park and just imagine what are the clouds that come by?


Maybe you love to play dress-up, so get in your favorite clothes and put on some makeup, and let yourself have fun.



Maybe you were somebody who liked to draw.


Get out a notebook and just start to draw.



And instead of asking, Is this good? Say, how does this feel? Does this feel good?



Does this resonate? If it feels good, keep going. If it doesn’t feel good, then do something else.


And these are the same principles that we work with our own intuition.



So the fun thing is, when we connect to our play, to our creativity, it diminishes the part of ourselves that gets so self-conscious.



And that’s where we try and protect ourselves against the world.



It opens us up to what comes next, what’s next?



There was a really interesting study that I saw recently where there was a big auditorium and they asked all the adults to sketch the people next to them in 30 seconds or less. 



So everybody sketches, they show their pictures of the people around, and what they immediately started to do is apologize.



I’m so sorry this didn’t look like you, X, Y, or Z.



And what was interesting is if you do the same thing with a big group of kids, have them sketch within 30 seconds and they show their drawings, you know what they do instead of saying apologize, oh, this is no good.



They say, Wow, look at this. Look at what a great job I did. This is so cool.



And that is that same energy of not even censoring ourselves, of just seeing what feels good and knowing that what we create is a connection to the divine is a manifestation of the divine.



And living an intuitive life includes a lot of play and fun.



So this week I want you to really nurture your inner child.



Go have fun, eat cereal for breakfast, have dessert for breakfast, get dressed up, let yourself play, and notice.



Do I allow it? Do I get afraid? Do I get overwhelmed? 



And if you do use my favorite tool, One hand on your heart, one hand on your belly. Take a few deep breaths, connect back to the moment, recognizing that you’re safe.



And then just slowly but surely create and let yourself imagine.



So I hope you enjoyed this video this week.



Don’t forget to check out my Psychic Youniversity Group Class. I’m so excited about it and I absolutely love to hear from you. 


I’m sending you all my love. See you next week!


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