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What Patterns are Blocking Your Intuition?

We're talking about common patterns that not only disrupt but block your intuitive guidance.

I’m going to share with you some of the most common patterns that I see, both in my intuitive practice and mentoring for over a decade, that not only interrupt but interfere with your intuitive guidance.



And I’ll show you how to overcome them.


So let’s first start with what is a pattern?



A pattern is a habitual response.



That’s usually a defense mechanism that we use that not only blocks our intuitive guidance but is drawn from our past experiences that are then projected into the future.



Anything that we can see as a pattern is something that repeats over and over and over and over again.



And the thing about patterns is that we, our brains use patterns as a way to preserve energy.



Here are some of those common patterns that I see for over a decade of working with people, both in intuitive readings and mentoring, which are some of the most common ways that people disrupted and interrupt their intuition.



So the first pattern is subconscious beliefs.



Subconscious beliefs are things that are that go into our brain that we believe to be true.



Some of these beliefs might be a religious block.



So if you grew up with any sort of religious programming that might feel that intuition or intuitive guidance might be not natural or against God in some sort of way.



Another pattern that I see often is, when you feel like, “I can’t get intuitive guidance, I’m not viable, I’m stuck.”



The more that we affirm these things for ourselves, the more that we tell ourselves, I’m not intuitive. I’m blocked from anything like that.



Those go into our conscious mind and get lodged in our subconscious.



And when we see these different patterns show up, they get projected into the future, disrupting our ability to come back to the present moment where intuition resides.



I had a client who I was talking with, and every single time she had this subconscious belief that no matter what, she couldn’t get intuitive guidance.


Any time she even opened up to it, all of a sudden, she’d say, “This isn’t working. I can’t get guidance.”



And then that was what was affirmed for herself.



So instead of now changing these different beliefs, it’s a very simple fix.



Instead of saying, I can’t get intuitive guidance, or this isn’t something for me, we can just change that by saying, I’m open to it.



And to your guidance, I expect intuitive guidance.



Because the moment that we allow our consciousness to become aware, to open up, that is where we can start to put in new beliefs that disrupt some of those old patterns that don’t work for us.



So think for yourself.



In your world, What are your beliefs about yourself, by your intuition, about giving guidance that you believe to be true?



And then ask yourself, Is that actually true?



Another one that I see is everyone else is intuitive. It’s something that’s special. 



Again, not true. 



You are inherently intuitive. 



We all respond to vibration.



You are a vibrational being.



So just by making a little shift like I’m open to intuitive guidance. I expect intuitive guidance.


That starts to change some of that subconscious programming that can get us stuck.



A second pattern that disrupts our intuitive guidance that blocks our intuitive guidance is overthinking.



Now, this is really common. 



You might get a hit, a nudge, something that speaks to you, and that is your intuition speaking to you directly.



And instead of trusting it, we overthink it.



Because intuition often picks up on what’s below the surface, something that your conscious mind hasn’t registered yet.



We can get caught in this thing of, “Well, I don’t know if that’s totally true. Let me sit and think about it.”



But because of that, when we get into patterns of overthinking and trying to figure it out, we are in what I call the wrong neighborhood.



So the moment when you get intuitive guidance, ask yourself, Do you act on it, or do you think about it?



If you are somebody who is an overthinker, a simple way is to start to use your intuition in little itty bitty ways.



Go for a walk and let your intuition guide you and notice.



Do I sit and think about it, or do I trust it?



And in this time, move into your empowered self and make a choice.



I am choosing to trust my intuition.


I’m not going to think about it. 



And when we can have these little itty bitty ways that sort of build our intuitive muscles, That’s when it becomes easier to follow our intuition when it asks us to make bigger leaps.



The third way that I see so often blocks our intuitive guidance and a pattern is that we don’t make space to listen.



Our world is so busy. We have our phones, we have social media, we have the news, we have our to-do lists. 



And if we don’t make space to listen with it. If we don’t make that space to start to check in with our intuition and check in with our spirit, there’s no place to listen.


And if we’re not listening, if we’re up here in this chatter, there’s no way that we’re going to get intuitive guidance.



That blocks it because, in that place of thinking, we’re not able to be guideable.


Now, the last common way that I see people block their intuition very much is by not being in your body.



Intuition speaks to you in physical sensations in your body.



That’s why we say I had a gut feeling. I felt something.



If you’re in a pattern where you’re so into trying to figure things out, you’re going to be completely disconnected from your physical container, which responds not only to intuitive guidance but gives you those little hits, those nudges,those aha’s that allow you to be guide able.



So change that pattern and make it a priority to connect to your physical body every day.



For me, I have a yoga practice that I use every single morning, and that’s a way that I used to check back in with my physical body and to bring mind and body. 


If yoga is not your thing, it could be going for a walk.



It can be anything like dance movement and anything at all.



Because intuition requires you to be flexible.



And if we’re not able to act and to move, our intuitive guidance just becomes more overthinking, becomes more information that disrupts our ability to get intuitive guidance.



So I want to ask you, what are some of your most common patterns that you’ve seen that block your intuitive guidance?



Is it old, outworn beliefs around your intuition about what it even means to be intuitive?



Is it overthinking and wanting to ensure you have the right answer instead of one, “That’s true?



Is it not acting on your guidance of where you might get the perfect hit nudge, whatever, and instead of actually just trusting it that you overthink or maybe ask Betty, John, Joe, Alex, whomever, of whether or not they also get that same head.


And most importantly, know that you are intuitive.



I had a video a few weeks ago. There are four decisions that you need to make in order to trust your intuitive guidance.



One, be open to it. I’m open to my intuitive guidance.



Two, Expect intuitive guidance. I expect my intuition to work.



Three, I trust my intuitive guidance. I trust what comes in.



And most importantly, I act on my intuitive guidance.



And when we act, that’s where we make the decision to be empowered.



And that’s what really changes our whole world from one that is ordinary to extraordinary.



So I hope that you enjoyed this one.



If you did, share it with a friend and leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.  



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I am sending you all my love, and I’ll see you next week!



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