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What is the Best Way to Feel Your Soul?

So often, when we're studying spirituality, learning all the things spirit guides, our spirit, our soul, they can be these abstract terms that don't give us a direct experience of our spirit.

Now, I will share with you three simple tools to help you have a direct experience with your spirit so you can get out of overthinking and better trust your intuition and yourself.

In the world of spirituality, terms like Spirit and Spirit Guides, especially if we’re new, can feel like really abstract subjects.


And when we can read about them, they can get us into information overload.

But there are some really simple ways to have a direct experience with your spirit right now.


Now, your intuition is the voice of your spirit, and we don’t access our spirit through our headspace where our intellect thinking mind is.


We access our spirit through the portal of our physical bodies.


That’s why you say I have a vibe.


It doesn’t come in through your mind. It comes in through your heart space.

Your spirit resides in your body. It’s not something outside of us.

We don’t access our spirit out there. We access our spirit in our heart space.

And the very first way to start to have a direct experience with your spirit is to not identify with your physical body.


It means that the more we identify with our job, with our personality, with earthly things, the more we get tied into this plane of existence and start to recognize that you are spirit, you are inherently spirit.


The moment that you took your first right, your spirit entered your body. And it is our spirit that animates us.


When my grandmother died, I had the honor of seeing her before she passed away, and it was amazing to see that it was so true.


As she was really in between worlds, I really felt and saw in present time that her spirit wasn’t in her body. It was in between these two different planes.


So when you are animated, when you are in your physical body, your spirit is home.


So first, recognize you are Spirit.


Just by doing that, you place your attention from this realm to here.


Second of all, my favorite tool that I use all the time. I teach it all the time.


So what you’re going to do is place one hand on your heart, one hand on your belly, and first feel the weight of your body in your seat. Just feel your physical container, and you can start by taking a deep breath in through your nose. Imagine like you’re breathing into your belly button and exhale like you’re exhaling ten birthday candles.


And I’d invite you to do that one more time. Breathing in and breathing out, and generally closing your eyes. Now just let your attention drift from the chatter of your mind down to your heart space.


And just take a breath.


You don’t have to do anything. That’s what comes and goes.


But you’ll notice that the chatter starts to quiet, and you begin to have a direct experience with your spirit, with the divine essence within you.


This is a really powerful tool that I teach all the time because it first helps us to become aware of our own energy, our Spirit.


You do this first thing in the morning, do it throughout your day, or whenever you’re feeling anxious or disconnected. Do it at night.


This helps to nurture our relationship with your spirit.


To have a relationship with it is just like anything else.


The more we place our attention and focus on it, the more we give ourselves permission to slow down from the outside busyness of the world and go in the more that will start to feel that innate divine spark.


You’ll notice. You’ll feel it.


It’s not a thought. It’s a feeling.


So if you have yet to use this tool, use it. You’ll really feel a difference. You’ll feel your energy shift.


This is a really simple way to feel your spirit, nurture your spirit, and create a portal for listening.


Intuition is the voice of your spirit, but it will not overpower your thinking mind, so we need to make the space to listen.


We need to give ourselves permission to slow down, to breathe into the pause, and place our attention on them.


Tell me, how do you use this tool?
Has it worked for you?
Tell me in the comments.


Second of all, feel your vibration right now.


I encourage you to put a timer on your phone and name what you love out loud. Go quick. Like a ball.


For me, I love dancing. I love music. I love bubbles, I love cooking. I love laughing. I love my friends. I love my family. I love good incense. I love my bed.


Now notice how as you start to name these things out loud, giving it your attention, how your vibration, how your energy starts to shift, how your heart starts to open up, your mind goes from all that chatter to quiet to listening.


What do I love? Does it excite me?


Just that pause alone opens up our energetic body to listening.


Those things that we love, that thread will immediately connect you to your heart space where your spirit resides.


The more that you name what you love, it can be anything like, I love Jelly beans. It doesn’t have to be serious.


The more that you’ll start to anchor your vibration into your heart space
where your spirit resides and notices.


Notice in your body—notice before and after. Pay attention. Notice the shift. Notice a difference in pressure.


These are simple ways that you not only nurture, but feel the difference in your spirit.


Third, another way to feel your spirit is to take your hands, rub them back and forth, and gently pull them apart.


And you can feel the energy that radiates, almost like playing with the ball. You can feel that life force that animates you. You can feel your spirit
because your hands are actually an extension of your heart space.


And that is a way that we can have a tactile feeling of our spirit.


Now, the absolute best way is to give and feed your spirit every single day.


You don’t have to make it complicated. It doesn’t have to be a big to do.


Simple as a hand on your heart. Naming the things that you love. Giving yourself a few minutes of meditation, and instead of trying to quiet your thoughts, think of it as I am feeding myself.


I’m giving a place where I can receive, where I can be supported, where I can be in the past.


Those are all very simple, powerful ways to not only feel but nurture a relationship with your spirit, which will give you the ability to listen to your intuition, the voice of your spirit.


Because it’s subtle.


It doesn’t talk a lot. It’s not for verbose. It won’t overpower you.


So you have to make the decision to listen.


So I hope that you enjoyed this.


Don’t forget to check out my website, soniatully.com. I have a spirit-type quiz.

I have tons of free resources.


Check out my podcast with my mom and my sister, and leave me a comment. I love to hear from you, and I love your spirit.


So thank you for blessing me with the gift of your beautiful spirit today.

I will see you next week!


All my love,

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