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The Most IMPORTANT Step In Manifesting

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to begin the process of manifestation. Everything in our lives is a manifestation- we consistently manifest yet are unaware of how we bring this energy into conscious contact with our Spirit.

One thing I’ve been manifesting is friends and a strong community in my new city. It’s interesting because I see how much my intellect wants to get in there and critique the timing of the Universe.

I also have to remind my sweet head that I’ve only been here for ten weeks, and these things take time. However, in manifestation, we have to remember that when we want something, it’s not just our intellects but really channeling our life power, it’s channeling source energy that brought all things into existence.

When we decide to do something, it’s an initiation of a creative process. Not a thought process. We use the facets of our personality to bring forth what it is that we desire.

We first have to be self-aware, use our self-consciousness. In my last newsletter which you can find here, I give you tools on how to self-reflect and bring into focus our thought patterns which directly affect our ability to manifest.

When we are unaware, we are unconscious of how our energy manifests in our lives. When we are conscious, self-conscious, we become masters of our creative process – the process we use to create.

Our conscious mind directs us when in alignment with our Spirit, it is the intellect that supports us by showing us what actionable steps we need to take. Our subconscious mind accepts the suggestions of our conscious mind and uses the power of deduction and directs our thoughts and our emotional responses and creates changes in our bodies to bring our creative process into action.

What we think directly impacts our bodies and how we act in the world.

Science is catching up – we know that systematic negative thinking has an immediate impact on our health as well. This includes being disconnected from our feeling bodies or repressing our feeling bodies. Perpetually negative thinking increases our stress and feeling of hopelessness, which raises our cortisol levels and harms us. This doesn’t mean that we have to police our thoughts because negative thoughts come and go, but it does ask us to look at our attitude.

We can make a conscious choice of how we see the world around us.

Our attitude and how we choose to see ourselves and the world around us directly affects our ability to manifest. We decide to see ourselves as accomplished creative co-creators, and that manifestation is a harnessing of source energy, which is an expression of Spirit.

It is our job to use our power of concentration to channel that energy that lives in our bodies- our connection to our Spirit. This is why we have to nurture a relationship to our physicality and treat our bodies with love and respect.

The more self-conscious we are, the more power we have.

No longer are we unaware of how energy moves through us. When we are self-conscious, we can put into action changes that we want to bring into our lives. It’s where we point our energy.

For example, I woke up today, and it was raining profusely. If I choose to look out my window, complaining that it’s gray and wet, that it is messing up my morning run and that I’m going to be stuck inside all day, it will implant in my subconscious feelings of frustration and hopelessness.

Yet, when I woke up, and it was pouring outside, I choose to enjoy the calming sounds of the rain, to remember all the plants that are getting nourished, feeling lucky that I get to live somewhere that is lush and green, I am feeding my subconscious with positive images and filling my heart with gratitude. This has an effect on my feeling body, the part of me that creates.

To help train and begin to reconnect to our power as an initiator, here are some of my favorite tools that I use to help train my conscious mind.

  • Pay attention to what you say to yourself and how you see yourself. Write down all the things you’ve already manifested in your life whether good or bad – your job, your relationship, your house, start to bring into your awareness how you direct your energy
  • Watch your attitude -especially when things don’t go your way. Notice any thinking of this is happening to me and instead choose to look for the lesson or what is working. For example, in making friends, I could think “I’m never going to make friends,” yet I choose to look at it as “I’m getting really good at putting myself out there. This reinforces my self-esteem because I know who I am, and I’m getting really good at being uncomfortable, which means I’m growing.”
  • Start to see yourself as endlessly creative! We often forget our endlessly creative selves as we grow. We come in creative – singing, dancing, drawing, playing. Check in and see if you’ve put your inner creative child in jail and if so, let them out! Put on some music, sing, dance, draw things upside down, get a coloring book.
  • Bring into sharp focus what you want – what it is that you’re creating. The more precise you are, the more you’ll be successful. If you’re having trouble getting clear on your goal, check out my video on how to get clear on your goals.
  • Expect it to work! We often don’t want to be disappointed, so we aim low, feeling like this is a way to protect ourselves; however, this is just self-sabotage. Imagine yourself being successful – want a new house, imagine yourself in that house, browse craigslist or Pinterest. Want a new relationship? Imagine how that feels in current time.
  • Be patient. Manifestation works with Divine Timing – not OUR timing.

As always, if you’re struggling to get clear, connect to your power or want to take direct ownership of your limitless potential, I encourage you to trust your vibes and book a reading or intuitive mentoring with me. We all need support and let me help train your mind to be in service to your Spirit instead of spending your time, energy, and money in struggle.

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