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Simple Exercises To Improve Your Intuition

Just like when you go to the gym when you want abs of steel, we go to the psychic gym to develop our intuitive muscles.

I’m going to share some of my favorite tools that I’ve used for decades, that I’ve grown up with that I’ve shared with my clients that you can use right now to strengthen your fluency, to strengthen your confidence, and to move out of trying to figure it out to flow.

Intuition and trusting your intuition are like building muscles.



What I mean by that is when you go to the gym, you do reps you get stronger. It’s the same thing when we are tuning into our intuitive guidance. The more that we use these tools and put them into practice the more that we have a direct experience with our intuitive selves, with our spirit and that translates to moving out of overthinking to indecision to actually trust our vibes as a way of life and as a way to navigate and that is really when our life changes from ordinary to extraordinary.



First, we have to create the conditions in order to be able to listen to our intuition and what that means is first that we have to have an open mind.



Having an open mind means that I am open and available to my intuitive guidance. I am open to the ways that my spirit and vibes speak to me.



If we are in a closed mind, that’s where I’ve decided already that I’m not intuitive, or I’m it doesn’t make sense, or I don’t get anything.



When we get stuck in that, we’re not going to get any intuitive guidance because our mind has already decided.



Second of all, you can’t let your intellect play meaning anything isn’t about right or wrong, good bad black or white. It’s about what resonates.



Often when we are developing our intuitive muscles, we can get really into is this right?


A question I get from my clients all the time is “I got this intuitive hit. Is that right?”
It’s not the question you want to be asking. What you want to be asking instead is “Does that resonate as true?”

Because intuition speaks in vibration and the way that we become aware of that vibration is first in our physical body. It’s why you say I had a gut feeling.

It’s not that I had a headache because that’s what overthinking is basically a headache.


So the first thing I want you to do is just start becoming aware of your own vibration becoming aware of your own energy and a really simple way to do that is my favorite tool one hand on your heart one hand on your belly. Take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale like you’re blowing out 10 birthday candles and slowly closing your eyes and letting your attention drop from the chattering of your mind to your heart space.

And really in your mind’s eye and your third eye that’s where we get to where we can receive intuitive guidance and drop that down to our heart space, to how things feel and you’ll notice as the mind starts to shadow, you’ll start to feel your own distinct vibration. This is your spirit and your spirit, your intuition is the language of your spirit.

As we become more aware of our own vibration, of our own ways that we can navigate in the world, it’s almost like learning a piece of music and each vibration is a note so you’re being aware of what your note is. Is it C? Is it F?

So paying attention and seeing and as you’re spending that time with your hand and your heart hand on your belly, you can put a timer on your phone for five minutes so you don’t have to wonder how long but just notice what comes up.
Are there different images that come up? Is it a feeling? And instead of figuring it out, just trust.

We live in a world that loves to overanalyze things. We love a world with information and the moment that our intuition starts to speak to us one way that we get cut off is we immediately start to analyze anything and everything.

All of a sudden in my meditation I got an image of a butterfly. What does that mean? and you can see how that goes back to the chattering mind and doesn’t allow space for how your intuitive guidance reveals itself.

So first building a relationship with your own spirit, with your own vibration will first key you in and make you more sensitive to the vibrations that surround you. This is a tool that I encourage you to use every single day.

Now second tool so now that we are aware of our own vibration, we can use that same framework to start paying attention to the vibrations in a realm. Whether you are at your office or in your kitchen or in your bedroom, start to pay attention to what is the vibration?

For example, when I am in my home in New Orleans I have a very small kitchen. There’s no space. It’s really condensed. So if you walk into my kitchen the vibration is kind of cloistered. Now if you walk into my friend’s house which has a kitchen and living room space the vibration is so much more alive. It feels electric because that’s where people gather and talk and share food. You can feel it as a communal gathering space.


Now tune into the vibration of your bedroom, how does it feel?

You might notice that if your room has been an oasis. It’s an oasis for me every time I walk into my room the vibration is calm and grounded.

Even if you’ve gone to any place of worship a mosque, synagogue, church, or temple, you’ll notice the moment that you walk in whatever your religious practice or denomination is, you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of peace. That is the vibration of those holy places

So notice and just start to trust the first things that come up and give them language.

My bedroom feels bright and it feels calm. It feels grounded. The kitchen feels lively and excited. These words will help us start to put nuance.

Third, now you can actually even do this with your friends, your family, and your pets. Start to notice their own unique spirit. What is their vibration?

For example, if I tune into my mom’s vibration, she is very active, she is energized, and her energy is fiery and a catalyst.

On the other hand, if I tune into the vibration of my sister she’s a lot more grounded of a vibration. She’s fiery, but there is a planted-ness to her energy that I that feels very different than my mom.

So starts with your own people in your own life and bring them to mind. What is their vibration like and give it language. Don’t overthink it. Trust the first things that come up.

We have to really say that our intellect isn’t playing. This isn’t a time to have to figure it out or what’s the right answer. Just allowing your spirit to speak, allowing what spontaneously starts to come up. The moment that you are in overthinking is the moment when you’ve waited too long.

Another tool is to go fast almost like you’re dribbling a ball and say things out loud.
Say, my vibration is dynamic, vibrant, curious, and playful.

When we start to speak things out loud, we start to feel the resonance. When it’s just information that we’re thinking about it, rolls around in our heads like a little rotisserie chicken on a spit, and our throat is the chimney to our heart space, and when we start to speak things out, we hear them, and then we can start to say does that resonate as true. How does that feel? You can start to feel okay that resonates.

The last exercise that I’m going to give you is a really fun one.

If we can really first recognize that everything in the world is vibration, we are made up of atoms. Every single thing that you see is vibration and each thing has its own unique vibration.

We can use a simple exercise to tune in and start to pay attention to these different vibrations.

So I would encourage you to gather a few things you can get a leaf or a rock or maybe a stick and find yourself in a seated upright position. Make sure that you turn your phone on silent and give yourself space to explore.

Your only job is to be curious like the most curious kid in the whole wide world and think of this as a play. This is a fun way to experience my intuition and I just wonder what will come up. That puts us in the right frame and state of mind to listen to our intuitive guidance.

Get three distinct things so a rock or leaf or a stick. Get a crystal you can get your keys. You can get anything. It doesn’t have to be super particular but just three distinct things

Sit in an upright position and pick your first object and put it in front of you on a table and gaze at it but don’t look at it through the portal of your eyes. Imagine that you’re looking at it through your third eye and just starting to drink in the vibration. How does this feel? How does this resonate with my body? What is the vibration of the object that is in front of you?

And just imagine how it feels within your body. How does it resonate?

Next after having that vibration bring that into your heart space. How do I feel this in the portal of my heart?

Think of it as your heart chakra, not your genuine heart, but that is what sees clearly and just notice, maybe give it some words, give it some textures, give it some definition, gives it some anchor points, and you can even note it.

Then change the object. Let’s say you first started with a stone or a crystal. Now next, get a leaf.

Noticing that leaf in that same exercise. Through your third eye. Seeing and paying attention to the vibration. How does it feel? Do colors come up for you to simple words? Is it a feeling in your body.

These are the ways that your intuition speaks to you, your spirit speaks to you. No right or wrong. It’s just your unique way.

Notice how it’s different than your first object. Different than the stone. A leaf has a different vibration than a stone. It’s a lot more grounded, a lot more alive then use your third object and doing the same thing with the stick and noticing how each thing has a distinct resonance, a distinct flavour.

As we really start to tune in, we recognize that what we’re doing is starting to attune to the energy that is around us, and it actually changes our own vibration.
We can start to use these as psychic skills, so using that place of your third eye, using that portal of your heart, using that place, that chimney and again, there’s no right or wrong, good or bad.

All you’re doing is practicing and allowing your spirit to speak. Don’t overthink it, don’t wait, just go fast like you’re dribbling a ball and you’ll notice that things will start to pop up.


Last but not least, just remember you are intuitive. You are just like birds who have to migrate thousands of miles, and you too have a distinct vibration, a distinct intuition that guides you, and it’s not going to overpower you.

It’s not going to be loud. It’s soft like a butterfly wing.

We have to create the conditions to listen within, so give yourself permission to have space.

Do you like these exercises? Do you want more? Do you have a favorite psychic exercise?

Share with me in the comments. i’d love to hear from you.


I am sending all my love and I hope you’re having a beautiful day,

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