Be an Intuitive Badass

Are you sensitive? Maybe a bit anxious? Do you feel like a ship on the stormy waters of everyone’s energy all around you? Do you worry that you’re overthinking your life?

Be an Intuitive Badass is for you if you are ready to put an end to doubting yourself, and stop immersing yourself in the energy of your family, friends, co-workers, and people around you. It’s time to start pouring all that energy into YOURSELF.

Your sensitivity is your gift, but if you are not centered in yourself, anchored in your Spirit, it can be a curse. When you become grounded again, you will be able to rebuild the most important relationship in your life…your connection to your brilliant Spirit. When you are rooted in the deep knowing of who you are on a Soul level, connected first to yourself, guided by your intuition, and then to others, you can finally start living your authentic life.

In this course, you will . . .

  • Develop and be guided by your intuition every day.
  • Quiet your anxiety and build your confidence in your intuition and in yourself.
  • Stay grounded in your energy in difficult situations.
  • Learn how to nurture a relationship with your unique Spirit type.
  • Understand how your relationship with your body blocks intuitive guidance.
  • Learn how to make your head and heart best friends.

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You’ll get 10 individual video courses where I bring you into my world – the world of Spirit, where intuition is your first and most important sense. I’ll share tools that have been passed down intergenerationally from my great grandmother to my Nana to my mom and now to you. This course draws from my family lineage alongside proven tools that I have developed over 10 years of intuitive mentoring.

You can do it. Uncork the bottle of your voice, stand in your power, unafraid because you’re never alone. As long as your heart is beating your Spirit is in your body.