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Mastering Manifestation Workshop

What are the things you want to create in 2022?
What are the things that have been pulling on your heart?

What are your deep seeds of desire that you’re planting this spring season? 


The time is now – because your creations raise the planetary vibration and contribute to the healing of the planet. If not now, when?  


If you’re feeling stuck, in information overload, or want to deepen your connection to Spirit and ignite your fire, join me next Wednesday, April 27th from 7-9PM CST for my workshop Mastering Manifestation. 


These classrooms are sacred incubators – and empower you with grounded tools to move out of the overthinking, self-doubt, and confusion to move you into a direct experience of your intuition and Spirit so you can flow with the Universe and reconnect with the Divine Creator you inherently are. 


You’ll learn:


  • How to get clear your true goals – the foundation to successful manifestation  
  • Uncover subconscious blocks and reprogram limiting beliefs
  • Step by step process to manifest 
  • How to use your angels and Spirit Guides to manifest with grace
  • Discover Your Intuitive Signature + How Your Spirit Speaks to You 
  • Build a relationship with your Higher Self + Guides to build confidence + connection
  •  Overcome Doubt and Sabotage 
  • How to Gain the Support of Your Conscious + Subconscious Mind
  • Connect with your Spiritual Community 
  • Ask Questions and Build Your Spiritual Community 


As always, you’ll get a grounded practical toolkit you can use in your daily life and you will receive the recording so you can work these tools again and again (or take the workshop on your own time) 


If you have any questions, just drop me a message at [email protected]

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