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Manifestation isn’t Magic. It’s Recognizing your Innate Power

This past weekend, I hosted a Manifestation Workshop, which was such a treat. When we talk about manifestation, more than we are talking about things such as that incredible vacation to Paris (post-COVID), landing the perfect job, or finding the partner of your dreams, what we’re talking about is trusting that we are supported and that we don’t have to go at it alone. 

The function of the intellect is to organize the world around us, but when it has been in the driver’s seat, instead of our Spirit, it gets afraid, overwhelmed, saturated. It tells us to “be realistic” when in reality, it’s saying, “you don’t want to be disappointed- don’t ask for too much”. 

But the intellect is linear, it has no access to imagination, to solutions, to anything that isn’t the next “logical” step. The funny thing is that the intellect doesn’t have access to the whole picture – I liken how our intellect sees the world as an eye looking through a peep hole. It only sees a very small piece of the picture. It’s doing its best to protect us from life when only the intellect and ego need protecting as they see themselves as separate from the Divine. 

Your Spirit, on the other hand, is expansive, creative, intuitive, grounded, and always connected. It’s compassionate, deeply loving, and is support for our human parts — our ego and our intellect. When the disconnected parts of us have been driving the car for so long, they don’t always aquiesse their control readily because they are suspicious. 

Turn things over to our Spirit? Sounds like losing control to the intellect and danger to the ego – until they reconnect and foster their connection. It’s vital that we build a relationship back to our Spirit. When we do the ego and intellect relax. They don’t have to manage it all or be in control, a job too big for them anyway, and are in service to your Spirit where they are meant to be. 

Recognizing they are not alone, the ego/intellect need not fear disappointment because they are always supported, even when all they see is the peephole. They trust.

When you make it a priority to connect to your Spirit, simply by recognizing it you begin to listen.

Sonia Tully

What you’re listening to is your intuition, your innate divinity.  As a result, your ego and intellect recognize that your dreams, your deepest desires, aren’t just wanton pulls of the heart but GPS coordinates given to you by the Divine. 

They are meant to be in service to our Spirit. The ego is our bodily personality vehicle.  Our intellect is the organizer, helping coordinate the world around us and the next turn. 

Manifestation isn’t magic, it recognizing your power that’s innate. It’s inviting you to share your gifts, practice faith in something bigger than yourself, and trust that what is for you, won’t pass you by. But, it asks for your consistency, disciple, curiosity, and listening. 

If you’re ready to manifest, ask yourself, does what I want resonate throughout my whole body? Does it light my soul on fire? Pay attention – your body is the house where your Spirit resides. It resonate, wise, and true. 

Next, ask yourself, how loud is my intellect? Do I shut myself down before I even begin? Am I allowing myself to dream? 

Get a journal and write down everything you wish to experience next. Don’t play small – if you could wave a magic wand, what would you create? Let it simmer and return to your prompt. What speaks most loudly to your heart? Go there. 

Next, write your statement of intention in the present tense. This is where you’re directing your energy – if it’s something big, break it down into baby steps, and focus on the immediate next one. 

Soak it into your bones and make that your north star. 

Sending you all my love, 


PS. I am returning to my YouTube – what video tools would you like? Tell me anything and I’ll be happy to make some videos <3  

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