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Making Decisions With Your Intuition

I want to talk to you about the biggest difference that I see between intuitive people, people who are trying to develop and strengthen their intuition, and people who are so disconnected from their intuition.

Because there is a very simple common theme that I’ve seen in over a decade of mentoring, doing readings and working with clients and this simple tool can hold a key to not only unlock your intuition but your confidence.


You’re inherently intuitive.


The moment that you took your first breath, your spirit entered your body, and one of the beautiful faculties you received as a Divine Birthright is your intuition.


We have our five senses to navigate. Our sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste.


But we have a sixth sense. This is your intuition.


 I said it doesn’t speak in words. It speaks in vibration. That’s why we say I had a vibe, and your vibes are communicating to you what’s below the surface of appearance.


It’s picking up on something that our linear mind would completely miss now.

So our vibes are your intuition. It communicates to you through the portal of your physical body, and those vibes are g iving you vital information.


Here is the key difference between five sensories and six sensories or five and a half sensories people who pick up vibes, who get intuitive hits but aren’t sure what to do with them, and the simplest answer is people who really are intuitive and really live an intuitive life means that 


when you pick up on a vibe or when your spirit is nudging you to make a decision, YOU DON’T THINK ABOUT IT, you don’t try and figure it out, but you trust it, and you make a decision every single time.


Trust your Vibes because what happens when you make that simple decision?


When you say, “YES, my vibe is right!”


Maybe you’re sitting across from somebody or at a job interview, and you get a bad vibe from the company, but everything on paper looks good. It should be a good fit.


Maybe everybody in your life is saying this is the perfect thing that you should do, but you’ve got a Vibe that something doesn’t feel right.


The logical mind would say everything in that is wrong, so dismiss it and throw it away, but intuitive people say I trust that. “I trust that I’m going to make that decision.”


And the moment you make that decision, you affirm to your higher self that you not only do you trust your intuitive guidance but also acknowledge and value the counsel of your higher self.


When you make those decisions and when you decide to trust your vibes, what you do is build confidence in your spirit, in your intuition, in that gentle place that guides you, and that is revolutionary.


I have a client I’ve had for years, and when we first started working together, she was in a job that she did not like. She was an artist at heart, and she was in a corporate accounting practice.


It was just not for her. She had become a corporate accountant because her mom felt that this was a good job path for her and wanted her to succeed.

So she takes this accounting job and absolutely hates it.


Every single day she would call me and say, “Sonia, I wake up, and I just feel so dang tired. Everyday I just feel completely drained. I don’t have any room or space for the things that I want to do. I like to draw and paint. I have no room or energy for that.”


And so I said, well, you obviously have the artist of a spirit, but you’re in corporate accounting. 


So instead of having just to quit your job right now, why don’t we take some little decisions of trying to tune back into your own intuition to start to build your path forward?


It’s hard to get out of this corporate Accounting job and what I found was that she was like my vibes, my spirit, everything tells me but she was unable to make any simple decisions around her intuition.


And every time she ignored her vibe, it became more overthinking, more trying to figure it out, and more of the same.


The moment we make a decision, everything changes because it takes not only trust but a certain confidence to make that leap.


And that leap of saying I trust my vibes is what guides you from a life that is ordinary to extraordinary.


Because you recognize that the guidance that you’re getting that might not appear on that surface is leading you to your highest good.


I also want to say that sometimes we can think that when you live a life guided by your intuition, you’re just going to be tripping the lights. Fantastic, and nothing ever will happen.


That’s not true.


We live in a complicated world, and sometimes our intuition leads us to our highest good. Sometimes that’s because we’ve been in a situation or a place where we have betrayed ourselves, made decisions outside of ourselves and abandoned our authentic self.


And so that discomfort like that discomfort with my client was her spirit telling her that this is not a life and that these circumstances of your life have not included you and now it’s time to make a change.


I’ve been working with her for a while, so she’s a lot better around moving from that place of overthinking.


And each time she says I affirm my intuition, things start to change and shift and grow even in tiny ways.


She’s still at a corporate accounting job because the money is good but now she’s taking painting classes. She just started an Instagram. She’s starting to explore different options, even around some social media management because she also has a good eye for different career paths that were not necessarily prescribed to her.


So she’s in this exploratory phase of what and where am I and who am I now.


That is part of the gift of our intuitive guidance. It has us go below the surface and down to the depths of who it is that we are now.


I told the story a few times, but when I lived here in Paris, I started dating my partner with whom I’ve been. He invited me to move to New Orleans, and every single thing in my intellect said absolutely not.


I love Paris. I am close to my family. I love living in Europe. I will not move back.

And the moment he posed that question to me, I remember that my spirit and intuition said yes, so I took the leap.


I took the leap, and I moved, and it led me through a period that was difficult because I had to make a decision that pulled me away from my networks of support.


But even through that, I grew into who I am.


They were facets of myself that needed the space that the current conditions I was in wouldn’t allow, and there, my life couldn’t even be better than I could have ever imagined.


So it’s having the confidence to step into what feels like the void, but it’s not the void. 


It’s a leap of faith.


And a leap back into your heart and back into yourself.


So if you, too, want to go from being a five-and-a-half sensory person who picks up on vibes sometimes to somebody who lives a life in flow, consult your intuition.

When it asks you to make a decision instead of thinking about it, TRUST it.

Make the decision to do something different.


Do you want to write that book? Do you want that new job? Do you want that partner that speaks to your heart space?


Then trust your vibes. 


Each decision will create more momentum and more faith and confidence because you are inherently divinely guided by your intuition.


It’s not wrong.


It will lead you to your true north and that is something that you can trust.

Please leave me a comment below I’d love to hear from you.


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I’m sending you all my love. Have a beautiful day, and as always trust your vibes.





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