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It Is Better To Receive Than To Give

Happy May everyone!

I am so happy to announce that I started an IGTV channel- you can find it on our Instagram @itssoniaandsabrina. Check it out, I upload a video every week with tools and tips to help you better connect. I also love to hear from you, so if you need guidance or have a video request, send me a message. 

I am currently here in New Orleans, alone. My boyfriend works in the music industry and just left on tour for a month. It’s a massive transition as we just moved to New Orleans, for me, sight unseen. As I wrote in my previous newsletter, I know that it was my intuition that brought me here. Everything the moment that we made the decision has been in flow. From finding our apartment to finding the furniture, to the steady flow of people that have shown up.

Before my boyfriend, Laine, headed out for a month, I was telling him about my fears – being here alone, not having a grounded network of support, emotional strains in my own family, knowing that I am on my path but struggling with patience and battling my intellect that gets afraid and loud.

It was healing to empty the garbage of all the thoughts that bounce around my head but the more that I confided in him, the more I wanted to know what was going on for him.

How was he going to handle being away? How was he feeling? What was going on for him? How could I be supportive during our time apart? What did he need? He looked at me and said: “Sonia, it’s okay that this is only about you.” Aside from being an A+ partner, it struck me how much I struggled being supported.

I find this often with empathic and intuitive people. We are experts at being support – finding creative solutions for others, being open-hearted, reflecting, listening and being loving yet we often struggle with allowing ourselves to be supported.

We are masters at giving ourselves generously to others. Our ability as healers in the world means that we see people accurately, we understand their essence and reflect back their Spirit and their truth. It has become a place of safety to give and not allow ourselves to receive. We hide by giving. When we don’t allow ourselves to receive, we also block our connection to ourselves.

This means we narrow our ability to hear the voice of our Spirit, to trust our intuition and from being safely connected to others. Many of us have woundings around being different from childhood – we may have been born into family systems where we have not reflected accurately, where we felt things more deeply, or we may have been the odd duck, perpetually feeling different and being misunderstood.

Our ever creative intellect knew that we could use our gifts to help others, that we could use the tools of our intuition to help guide people back to themselves. We got rewarded for being the helpers and not needing much. So much of our spiritual education has been around the martyr, we have been rewarded for being good, for not needing much. Many of us have been persecuted for our beliefs both in this lifetime and past lives, and to avoid those same wounding, we have learned to give. It is not the voice of our Spirit that tells us that we need to give endlessly but the voice of our creative high intellect, masquerading as our Spirit. 

When we are connected to our Spirit, we feel safe both giving and receiving. In healing our connection with receiving, we are healing the wounding of ghosts past and the false narrative that it is only safe to give. We heal the connection to our bodies and shift outworn stories. We begin to trust life, to trust our bodies, to trust the Universe and trust the Spirit of others, even if we can’t trust their barking dog. 

It is the intuitive heart that receives. As we learn to receive, we begin to soften. The voice of our intellect becomes less critical of ourselves, of others, and our heart opens – sharpening our intuition and deepening our intimacy. We are no longer alone.  We have a profound trust in our hearts and in life. We no longer solely have to be “responsible“. We no longer have to “be good“.  We no longer have to do it alone because we trust life, we trust our Spirit and we trust other’s Spirit. 

In helping to heal these wounded parts of ourselves, here are some of my favorite tools to help change these outworn patterns. 

  1. Take an honest inventory of your life. Is giving and receiving in balance? Start by recognizing your own sweet Spirit. Ask it what it needs, be unafraid. Take stock of your relationships – are they balanced? What are your beliefs around receiving? Do you feel like when you get, you also have to give? 
  2. Look at the people in your life with whom’s Spirit you trust. Challenge yourself to ask for help with no need to reciprocate. Take an honest accounting for what you need and where you short change yourself. 
  3. Pray. When we pray, we allow ourselves to turn things over to a Higher Power. We unburden ourselves of responsibility of having to have it all together or have to figure it out. It connects us to our own Spirit and connects us to own internal support system of receiving. 
  4. Practice receiving mediations – allow Divine Source to feed you. 
  5. Check-in before saying yes. Give yourself lots of room to say no without having to explain or make it okay. 
  6. Get support. Book a reading, mentoring, get a massage, take a mental health day, get a pedicure. Give to yourself as generously as you give to others. 
  7. Be okay being uncomfortable in your new space. You’re learning. You’re healing. 

My deepest and most sincere pleasure is helping my clients heal on a core level, to trust their intuition and to feel safe receiving. To reprogram the limiting beliefs that keep us guarded against the world. I have been in this world since I have been in diapers, with my spiritual education has been at the forefront of my life.  

It is my greatest joy to help my clients heal on the deepest levels to experience life with trust, ease, joy, connected to their Spirit and guided by their intuition. I encourage you to reach out and book a free 15-minute call to see if our energies are a match. I only take on a limited number of clients because of the profound nature of our work together. If you’ve been on the fence, but know you need more support, trust your Spirit and take the leap.

We don’t need much. You’ll not only have more confidence in yourself, in your intuition, in life but will you move out of struggle into flow. I hope you have a beautiful week and I look forward to working with you. 

All my love, 

Sonia Choquette Tully

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