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How You’re Blocking Divine Guidance

Are you unconsciously blocking Support from your spirit guides, angels, higher self, and intuition?

Well, you might be. 


Today, I will share some of the most common ways we block Divine Support and simple tools to overcome those unconscious blocks so we can be better gracious receivers.

Your guides, angels, spirit, and higher self are constantly guiding you and supporting you every single day—step by step along your human journey.


We can unconsciously block the Divine Support, and if we’re unconscious of these simple common blocks, we can often feel frustrated with our relationship with our guides our angels and feel like we’re not doing it right.


So let’s get down to brass tacks.


One thing we have to remember is that your guides and your angels, your intuition, your higher self can’t overpower your free will. 


We have to be available to be supported. We have to be available for guidance. We have to be available to be flexible, to be movable, to make decisions, to trust our guidance, to trust our spirit guides, to trust ourselves.


And one thing I know to be true about people who are empathic and intuitives is they’re very good at giving but not good at receiving.


Empath intuitives often the first to be there when somebody’s struggling. They offer advice, help you move, listen to it, and download, but often this can be unconscious codependent people pleasing because it’s not centered on ourselves.


It can be a reaction to other people’s discomfort, and so what we try and do because we can feel their energy is that we try and fix or manage or figure out their solutions, and that means that we’re very good at giving. 


It’s not heart-centered giving as much as we’d like to believe, so it is giving out of a place of anxiety, and when we are giving out of a place of obligation, we’re not giving out of a place of a clear heart.


So in order to be a good and gracious receiver as a way to move from blocking our divine Support to accepting Divine Support is first by being available to be uncomfortable with other people’s emotions.


This doesn’t mean that we need to fix or manage or figure out because the moment we try to do that, we get out of our own experiences and into other people’s energy bodies. This means that we get disconnected from the present moment. We get disconnected from home number one, our bodies. We get disconnected from remembering that aside from our human selves navigating the world, we also have our spirit, our higher self.


My favorite tool that I always say is hand on your heart and hand in your belly. Take a deep breath into your nose, exhale like you’re exhaling 10 birthday candles, and place your attention on your heart center, letting the chatter quiet. The more we do this, the more we can develop and nurture a relationship with our Spirit. 


We recognize that we don’t have to manage everything and that we don’t have to manage the world around us, which means that we can trust other people’s Spirit. Their human lives may be complicated. Maybe they are struggling but that it’s not our job to fix or figure it out or somehow believe that if we get to the people around us to somehow get to a place of ground then will be available to check in with our own intuition.


So check-in, Am I constantly in other people’s energy? 


I’m constantly in other people’s energy. I’m not present to myself, to my experience, to my needs, which means that I’m not available to even check back in with my guides, with my higher self, with my angels, and even to be available for what Support I need to be supported and to be gracious.


Even gracious givers need to be able to be gracious receivers which means that we also need to know what’s our job, what’s not our job, and where we need help.


When we’re overgiving energetically, even to the people around us, what happens is that we confuse that with control, and when we’re trying to control and manage other people’s experiences, discomforts, and upsets, we are not in our spirit. We are not in our higher selves. We are in what we call our high intellect, which is not a place where we’re available to receive.


So check-in. Do I overgive? Do I ask for help from people who are in and around me? If I’m saturated or not available, can I say no? 


These are all ways that we connect and protect our energy bodies, become more attuned to our energy, bring us back into the present moment, and open ourselves up to Divine Support.


I don’t need to figure it out; I can turn it over to my higher self to figure out.


So here’s a question for you. Tell me in the comments, how do you feel when you’re around somebody who’s experiencing anxiety?


Do you feel like you need to fix it? Do you take a moment and recognize?


This is a plague amongst empathic and intuitive people. When we recognize the discomfort that comes up, that compulsion to fix and figure out to manage is just a way that we ourselves are trying to find ground and safety.


So use my favorite tool and your heart and in your belly, bring yourself back to the present moment and your physical body, and even there, we can open up to Divine Support. 


I need help. I’m struggling. I feel uncomfortable. 


Knowing that those Sensations in our bodies are telling us something and they’ll pass. They’re just messengers. It’s not the end all.


Second of all, in opening up to Divine Support because another thing that comes hand in hand with that is unconscious control. 


When opening up to Divine Support, we have to expect our guides and angels to be there, so we don’t need to try and figure it out. Start to open yourself up to messages, open yourself up to science and really pay attention to the things that come into your awareness.


You can go on Google and say is this a sign, but that’s your intellect. What are the things that catch your awareness? How does it resonate in your body? Step into your authority around your intuitive guidance.


And last, when you get those signs, whether it might be a flower on the road, maybe it’s a song, maybe it’s something somebody said, maybe it’s the perfect line in a book that you read, instead of trying to figure out what it means, give yourself pause. Give yourself a moment to go inwards. And instead of thinking about it, see what bubbles up from within to start to create a dialogue and a message with your deeper self, with your own Spirit. Developing a language in the way that your spirit and your Spirit guides, your intuition, and your higher self speaks to you.


As my mom says, intuition doesn’t speak English.

So instead of going to the intellect of chatter, recognize how this resonates in my body? What are the things that drop my attention? Where can I ask for more help and more support? What are the things that I’m struggling with?


So when we need more Divine Support, a really simple way that we can do that is to turn that over and pray.


Some people might have a complicated relationship with religion, but prayer is just turning a problem from our limited minds over to something higher. 


That we don’t need to figure it all out and trust, which means sometimes it could be a struggle with practice. That as you open up to more grace, as you open up to more support, as you open up to more solutions, as you get out of the binary of intellect, the more that your spirit and intuition will speak to you.


Last but not least, an intuitive’s best friend to access and to not block support is good energetic boundaries.


Does that feel good? Do more of it. Does this feel bad? Do less of it.


Is this my problem? No? Turn it over.


I need help. Then be available, pause, and see what might surprise you and what might show up. 


Your head’s talking, and you’re struggling with it? Journal. Empty the garbage.


So I hope that you enjoyed this video. Thank you so much! Check out my website, soniatully.com. Check out my spirit-type quiz, download my free workbookbook a soul reading with me, and get clear on your soul lessons on your purpose and ask your burning questions, and remember to listen to our podcast; it’s all related.


I’m sending you all my love. Have a beautiful day. See you next week!



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