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How to Take Action and Nourish Our Spirit

We are being asked to answer the call to create a just, inclusive, world. To heal the deep wounds of racism in all its forms and to create real meaningful change. We are in the birth canal of transformation – it’s deep, deep work. 

2020 reminds me of the Tower Card. In the Tarot, the Tower Card is one of the most misunderstood cards of the deck. It is a card of awakening, of transformation, of bringing forth authenticity. It shatters superficial appearances and instead challenges us to build a real foundation — to open our hearts and minds to create a world that is in alignment with Spirit. 

As my mom always taught me about the ego, it creates division, and to relate to anyone from our ego puts us in a dog fight. She would tell me there is no” them”, there is just us. Any injustice or diminishment to an individual is an injustice to all, to every Spirit. To change our perception from ego-centric to Spirit-centered is our call to action. This is the work.  

We must work together to dismantle systematic injustice, inequality, oppression. To break systematic, institutionalized, interpersonal, and internalized racist – to be anti racist.  There is no Spiritual Bypass. This is the work to listen, to learn, to unlearn, to heal, and to do something. Spirit is a force and energy – it’s fire, it dances.  

The work is just beginning, I am going to share with you some tools to stay balanced along because this is a marathon, not a sprint, and we cannot go back. 

  1. I loved this live video of Preston Smiles – it was a touching and beautiful video. I highly recommend watching this. 
  2. Remember to take a pause. It is easy to burn out. Practice being gentle with your sweet self. Take a break from 24/7 social media or binging the news. It’s very important to stay connected, but information overwhelm is very real. 
  3. Find ways to refill your cup. Look for the joy in little things. Treat yourself. On Sunday, for example, I made a ginger lemon syrup to mix with my topo chico and listened to music that made my heart happy. Doing these self-loving sorts of things will help to refill your gas tank. 
  4. Lean into your Spiritual Toolkit – if you attended my online workshop a few months back, I shared many tools to help create a grounding daily routine. Pray, meditate, cry, journal, release. These practices are a grounding touchstone to anchor our Spirit, to settle our energy, and raise our vibration. If you would like a link to that workshop, send me an email, and I’ll happily send it to you. 
  5. Learn and Self-Reflect – Self-reflection and education are the bedrock of both  personal growth and spiritual growth. Read books – lots and lots of books.
    Listen to podcasts such as Code Switch, Floodlines, or Intersectionality Matters or the 1619 Project  I’m starting with  How to Be Anti-Racist by Ibram X Kendi or the powerful Layla F Saad “Me and White Supremacy”.
    Follow IG accounts like Rachel Cargel  and sign up for The Great Unlearn. Here’s a reading list from Mr. Kendi If you have any more books to share with me, please do, or if you need more recommendations, I can send you a list as well. 
  6. Donate to organizations such as The Loveland Foundation or The National Queer & Trans Therapist of Color Network to help facilitate healing. Do research and find a healing cause that speaks to you. 
  7. Spread Good Vibes  Check out my intuitive tip from a few weeks ago. We need to help uplift one another. When we uplift one another, we boost our intuition and uplift the planet. Do something kind, for no reason. 

I am open and listening. Please send me your thoughts, resources, feedback, ideas. 

I am sending each, and every one of you love. I’m in deep appreciation for your Spirit, for your service, and for showing up. We need you, and we need your light. 

In deep love and gratitude, 


PS. Hit the comments below and let me know what you think, seriously. I want to hear from you.

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2 thoughts on “How to Take Action and Nourish Our Spirit”

  1. Hi! Can you send me the grounding exercises you mentioned on your website? I watched the video of that black gentleman and was really touched. Thank you!


    Donna Bonner

    1. Dear Donna,

      I will send you my Spiritual Toolkit, which has a lot of grounding exercises for you. 🙂
      Also, you can check out my Youtube Channel. I release videos every week with helpful tools for you.

      All my love,

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