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How to Shift your Spiritual Mindset

Our spiritual mindset is how we process and gather information in the world.

It gives way to how we experience our intuition, our guides, how we see ourselves, and more.


So in this video, I’m going to share with you how to shift your spiritual mindset so that you improve your intuition, superpower, your manifestations, build your confidence and power, and have more joy.

Your spiritual mindset is the key to manifesting, to connecting to your intuition, to super powering yourself, your life, your confidence, your joy, and your flexibility. It is vital. 


And when we’re talking about mindset, what we’re really talking about is how we process information in the world and how that becomes patterns of thought and belief and how that shapes how we interact not only in the spiritual world, but the physical world as well. 



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So when we’re talking about our mindset, it’s how we see the world, how that shapes our beliefs about ourselves, about the possibility. The first thing that we also have to start to pay attention to is like, How?



What is my mindset? How do I think about the world? How do I interact with the world? 



The other day I had a call with a client and she was saying that like, I’m not intuitive. I’m just not that intuitive like everyone else. Everybody else has this ability to manifest. Everybody else has this and has this super juice, but I don’t have it. 



And right there. Stuck in a fixed spiritual mindset. When we have a fixed mindset and belief it means that we are so tied into the here and now that we get limited to having any ability to think or imagine outside of ourselves. It constricts us, limits us, and it keeps us stuck. 



Now, the opposite of a fixed mindset is a Growth Mindset. That means that I’m open to possibilities. I’m curious. And any challenges or anything that come my way is an opportunity to learn and grow. Now that’s very different. 



When we look at our beliefs, the first thing we have to do is look at our limiting beliefs, look at our belief systems, period. What do you believe about the world? What do you believe about manifestation? What do you believe about getting intuitive guidance? 



And when we can think about it and if we came from a family that had a lack mindset and where there was scarcity — was the most important thing that can get plugged into our own subconscious and have that be the way that we look at the world.



For example, I have a friend of mine whose mindset can be kind of perpetually negative. Every time I talk to her, she talks to me about all of the ills and problems of the world and in her life.



And it’s interesting because there’s a saying that if you’re a hammer, everything is a nail. That, in a nutshell, is our mindset. 



So first, being curious about our beliefs, what do we believe to be true and what doesn’t?



What doesn’t work anymore is a limiting belief that you can’t get guidance, that you aren’t able to manifest, and that you don’t know how to make decisions. These are all things that, as you say to yourself, get into your conscious mind that then informs your subconscious.



And the subconscious is a YES machine. It just says yes all the time. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. So the more that we feed that input of those beliefs, the more that it gets into our energetic bodies, into our own bodies.



So even by starting to examine that we need to start and give ourselves a little bit more space. It’s like, Hmm, does that mindset actually serve me anymore? Is this something that I want to change? 



So even there start to pay attention to your belief systems. Where did you get them from? Are they true? 



Second of all, now look at those different beliefs. 


Let’s say you have a belief around manifestation that it’s just really hard for you to manifest, that you’ve done all the things that just you just can’t seem to get it.


Then we have to look at “Okay, so that’s our mindset and I want to change that mindset. I don’t want to be in that anymore. I want to feel the abundant flow and happiness.” So then we have to look at what is the underlying fear?



What’s the underlying fear? Is the fear of failure that, you know, you’re not going to be able to do what it is that you want? Is it a fear of being too big? That there’s this feeling that you can’t outshine the people around you?



Is there a fear around receiving support that if you receive support, then somehow you’re indebted or owe somebody something? 



When we can really start to notice, that’s also when we can come into step number three which is to shift our perspective.



We can start to shift our perspective. That’s how we change our approach. So instead of having the mindset of it’s really hard to manifest, it’s just not something that I can do, or it’s really easy for somebody else.



You can even shift that perspective and say, Hey, I’m opening up to curiosity and learning and I can’t wait to see what happens. My new mindset is that I can manifest with ease, and from there that’s where we can start to create support for our subconscious first by noticing what we tell ourselves.



What is the thing? What’s the input? What are the shows? The TV shows? The conversations you’re having? What’s your general energy throughout the day? 



These are all important factors in raising our awareness that then gives way to creating change within these old, outworn patterns so that when we can shift our perspective to I haven’t manifested my dream job, and I just can’t do it to I haven’t manifested my dream job yet. Opens us up. Even that subtle word of just yet creates a whole change and shift within ourselves that I’m still I can’t seem to get my intuition working to.



I am opening up more and more to my intuition and I can’t wait until I’m just so keyed in and it’s happening, but not yet. You know, these are the little language shifts that create change within ourselves, you know, and this comes to my other big thing self-talk.



How do you talk to yourself? You have to remember that we are resonant beings. And what you say has an effect on how you talk to yourself, how you think about your body, how you think about your abilities in the world, gets into our bones, it gets into ourselves.



So start to even be very gracious and loving to yourself. Celebrate yourself, your gifts, and what you know about yourself to be true. Because you know what that does? That puts us into a frequency of love. And that is one of the highest spiritual frequencies there are.



And from that, we can also practice gratitude. One of my new practices, before I go to sleep (sometimes I have trouble sleeping), is I count my blessings throughout my day. What we’re all of the highlights, what we’re all of the wonderful things that happened this morning.



I took a bike ride with my partner around the park. That’s part of my gratitude. And that gratitude also shifts our mindset. 

So last but not least, you know, get support. 


Sometimes these things get really stuck in our bones.



Sometimes they aren’t even beliefs or mindsets that are ours, but have just been passed down intergenerationally.


How we can start to get support, whether that’s in journaling, whether it’s in coaching, whether that’s in therapy. 



There are all sorts of different tools that we can use to help change how we approach the world, change our connection to ourselves, change our flexibility, and recognizing that anything comes our way, anything that we can. It’s like changing our mindset instead of it being a roadblock, a creative challenge that seems a lot more fun.



And always connect back to your sweet spirit as my favorite tool. I say it all the time, hand on your heart, and then your belly helps to connect you back to yourself. And that place of love where and with that energy, that’s how we can create gentle changes within our mindset.



I have tons of resources for you and definitely come to my class. I would love to meet you. 



I’m sending you all my love. Have a beautiful day!





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