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How To Reprogram Your Subconscious To Change Your Reality

How does your subconscious mind shape your reality?

We‘re going to talk all about the subconscious, how it shapes our reality, how it affects our intuitive abilities, our ability to imagine, manifest, and even better, some simple ways that we can use to reprogram our subconscious mind, to be in support, to create a life that feels good.

Our subconscious is what picks up on what’s underneath the surface. And it is a deductive reasoning machine. So we put in input. It goes into some mysterious place. Out comes a belief, an assumption, a subconscious belief, which directly shapes how we see our reality.


So, we have our conscious mind. That is what we see. It’s our input. It’s the input from our five senses. Now, our subconscious is below our conscious mind. It is a yes machine. This is the seat of our beliefs.


So, if your conscious mind is told or raised with the idea that the only way to be successful is to have a corporate job, that’s your input. Your subconscious will take that and say yes. Therefore, how our conscious mind sees it is that through deductive reasoning, it will say, “Yes, that’s the only way.”


Let’s say, for example, even in your subconscious, you say, “Oh no, I don’t believe that’s the only way to succeed.” So then there’s also a part of your subconscious that also says yes. These two things have opposing points of view, and that’s where it can feel tricky.


What we put into our minds, what we feed our brain, what we feed our consciousness through images and words, how we talk to ourselves, who we talk to, and the books that we read. All these things are inputs you put into your subconscious mind.


For example, if you‘ve ever watched a scary show before going to bed, like I just watched part of The Watcher on Netflix, you might have scary dreams. That’s a way that we put things into our conscious, register them in our subconscious, and shape our reality. It’s the perspective from which you see the world. So, what is your lens? 


There’s a really beautiful saying: If you’re a hammer, everything’s a nail. 


So, if your conscious mind believes that you’re constantly in danger, that goes into your subconscious, and how you see the world is through the filter and lens of lions, tigers, and bears. Oh, my!


To change our subconscious is more than just putting in new input because it’s like going through either McDonald’s drive-thru. It’s like, yes, yes.


Our subconscious speaks in images, which is also the language of our spirit. Our intuition, the voice of our spirit, comes through the portal of our subconscious and our linear thinking mind and speaks to us. The language is signs, symbols, words, and simple things.


If you want to start reprograming your subconscious, ask yourself, What do I believe to be true? What do I believe to be true about myself, my intuitive abilities, and the world?


Start by examining your belief systems and ask, Is that from my family? Is that from me? Is that from society? Is that true? Does that resonate? 


When you come against a belief that no longer resonates, something that you want to let go of instead of having to fight against it, You can reprogram your self subconscious with a few things.


One is Images. 


The 20 major keys of the tarot are all images. They are pictorial guides that speak to our subconscious. You can get a Pinterest board and find images that help support new input. 


A really great one that I also love is to put the background of your phone because that’s something that we look at all the time that can help to retrain our subconscious mind.


Second tool that I love to reprogram my subconscious is when you ask a question, especially right as you’re waking up and right as you’re falling asleep, before your brain really starts firing on all cylinders. 


For example, if you really want to develop your confidence before falling asleep, ask yourself in your mind, why am I so confident?


What’s interesting is that our subconscious will start to look for an answer to that question that will help to retrain our conscious mind, which will then help to shift our reality.


Third, change of perspective.


How are you seeing the world? Is it through a muddy lens? Through a lot of the lions, tigers, or bears?


To change the lens, we can shift from our focus, which can often be very negative, as we often think humanly. This is called the negativity bias. It’s what saved us from saber-tooth tigers millions of years ago.


To change our negativity biasthere’s part of us that looks to see what’s not working, and we can get really fixated and stuck on that, which then helps to subconsciously create that one.


So, instead of shifting to what’s not working, we can also retrain our subconscious mind. That will, in turn, change our reality by focusing on what is working.


Three things that you love about yourself.

Three things that you’re grateful for.

Three things that you’re proud of as a daily practice is a very powerful way to train your conscious mind, which in turn trains your subconscious mind, which in turn really changes your reality.


So ask yourself, what lens from which I see the world? Is it the one that I want? Is it the one that supports my highest good?


And last but not least, be gentle with yourself.


We often get really critical and police our thoughts. You don’t need to police your thoughts. We just need to change the channel.


I hope that you enjoyed and learned from this blog. If you did, please leave me a comment.


Remember to check out my past blog, which was also about shifting up to higher levels of consciousness and sometimes intel.


I will see you next week.


Sending you all my love, Bye!


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