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How to Develop Your Psychic Sense

Psychic Awareness and Psychic Abilities really means trusting your own experience and instead of just relying on our physical senses.

I’m going to show you how to expand your awareness and develop your psychic sense. In this video, I’ll share with you the foundational tools to not only strengthen your psychic abilities but trust them. Let’s dive in!

I’m here to be your guide so don’t trust me but trust your own experience and I want you to pretend like you’re a scientist and approach this scientifically.

Your job is to experiment and chart your own progress.

So let’s start with the basics.


We have our basic consciousness these are our physical senses and they’re limited to what you see touch, smell, feel, and hear.

And if you’re only relying on your physical senses you’re missing a whole constellation of vibration because we live in a universe where everything is vibration.

Every single thing. The ocean is vibration. Atoms are vibrations. Bats use sonar and butterflies use heat navigation.

And just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.



When we’re talking about our psychic sense, we’re talking about opening up to what’s beyond just the physical and that part, that psychic is what can hear the divine.

And it’s yours and it’s natural.

It’s really a matter of using your own consciousness and directing your attention inward to listen to vibration which is your intuition, your psychic sense.

So our first tool is meditation. 15 minutes a day.


When we meditate we clear away the noise and clutter of the outside world so you can hear your higher self.

Because the thing is your higher self is subtle and it’s not going to intrude on your mind’s little rotisserie chicken on a spit dialogue and being psychic is really sharpening your awareness and concentration.

My mom always said psychic is being keen. Paying attention to what’s keenly obvious and that’s what meditation helps with.


Also when you hold your attention on something and even just be your breath what you’re doing is breaking up old mental patterns, opening up your awareness, and allowing your soul to speak.

More importantly, it’s like letting your battery be recharged because you are a spiritual being and letting that place of emotions and life just rest in the divine god however you define it.

What you’re doing is allowing yourself to check in with the spiritual plane and dropping out of the noise of your partner, of TV, of TikTok, of Instagram, and of whatever that you can find that calm inner silence.

My Nana who was deaf (I come from a long line of intuitives) and she said it was the best thing that ever happened to her because she didn’t listen to words. She listened to that vibration.

If you’re somebody who struggles with meditation, you can use guided meditation anything, and if you notice you’ll feel the benefits and your awareness will heighten.

You can get my guided meditation because they are super powerful, wonderful and it’s a great start.

The second thing you’re going to need is your psychic journal. This is where you get to write down all your hits, nudges, and all of your coincidences.

Don’t censor yourself because when you become aware of your psychic sensibility, of your psychic self it’s what’s happening right now.

And the big thing that I know from teaching this for forever is it’s not that you’re not psychic, it’s often that you’re ignoring or dismissing or blocking your intuition.

So when we have our psychic journal what we’re doing is starting to give voice and acknowledgment. We’re really just starting to train our minds to pay attention.

As we record our experiences, you record those hits, those nudges, those dreams journals, and whatever, you start to move into ownership.

You’ll also notice like:


  • Where do I block myself?
  • Where are we really psychic?
  • Where do I give away my power?

A big thing that I see so often is people get hits, nudges and then they’ll ask their partner or somebody else, Is this true? 


Instead of trusting yourself, you trust others in doubt.

And that’s where our little scientist self comes into mind.

As you start to know, you’ll also recognize that you’re integrating these things into your awareness.

You’ll start to recognize, “Oh I do have these hits, these nudges. I am really psychic when it comes to people but I might block myself when I’m trying to listen to my own innate voice.”

With that same psychic journal, the important thing that we can start to unwind is what are your beliefs around being psychic?

  • Do you have a religious upbringing that has a certain influence or did you come from a psychic family?
  • Did your dad get a lot of gut feelings? Did your Grandma have a certain intuitive language?
  • Could you even talk about your intuitive hits and nudges?
  • Were they something that was taken seriously?

One of the big gifts that I know from my family is that my psychic sense was always valued.

Anytime that I had a bad vibe, I could squeeze my mom’s hand two times and it was code for “We’re out of here. I’ve got a bad vibe.”


If you haven’t had that mirroring, a journal is a really beautiful place where you can start to validate that for yourself. It’s where you can start to notice and also train the parts that can get into overthinking to see where you are so divinely and supremely guided.

In conclusion, you are psychic. Way more psychic than you realize.

As we heighten our awareness, start to pay attention to vibrations. Start to acknowledge the ways that you are guided.

You might also have a certain way that you’re guided.

  • Some people are clairaudient, where they hear messages.
  • Some people are clairsentient, where they feel things.
  • Some people are clairvoyant, where they see that’s how they see things in their psychic eye.

Pay attention. What is your language?
And have fun with it.

Don’t go into the journal of being critical like throwing things away but like scientists. As in curious, open, available, and pay attention.

I see so often that we get so checked out in our lives. I mean, I can do it too.

We got our phone. We got the TV. We got the news. We got a million things that are constantly invading our consciousness and that is why meditation is so important.

It allows everything to quiet, to tune in and say “Hmm… How does this resonate?”

And in that same Psychic Journal, I’m gonna also invite you to start to think about all of your psychic experiences throughout your past, throughout your life.

Did you have those times where you just knew or those wild synchronicities or coincidences?

Because you start to acknowledge them, something wonderful happens. The energy starts to entrain. You start to see. You start to see these different patterns. Your confidence grows.

This is the foundation of that.

That’s we start to do our own inner work of “Do I look to others? Is that something that was a habit of mine? or was I validated for what came in?”


Developing our psychic sense — our instrument — our psychic instrument is our physical body. That’s where we receive vibration. That’s why you say I had a gut feeling. It doesn’t come from your head, it comes from your heart.

Recognize this week, How much do you pay attention to the sensations in your body?

Do you give them notice? Do you move your body? Are you constantly thinking?

These are really small very big ways that create not only a foundation but a shift.

So this is just part one. I’m gonna do another video next week all about
developing your psychic abilities at the grocery store and training camp which I can’t wait!

If you haven’t already, check out my guided meditation. It’s a really beautiful way to connect with your own spirit. There’s also a really fun workbook that comes along with it.

And if you’re really serious about developing your psychic sense, you can always book a soul reading with me. I also do one-on-one mentoring in very small groups.

I’m going to be teaching a psychic development workshop the last weekend in march which I’m so excited!

I’ve also just launched a new product a single card pull reading so you can get clear on what your soul is speaking to you right now!

How what’s your relationship with your psychic sense?

If you like this, share it with a friend, leave me a comment, leave me a like, and subscribe. It means the absolute world to me or even just shoot me a message I absolutely love to hear from you.

Next week we’re on we’re going grocery shopping with our psychic senses. Oh my gosh! I wonder what we’re gonna decide.

Sending you all my love,

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