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How To Develop Your Psychic Sense at The Grocery Store

Want to know a great place to develop your psychic sense? The grocery store!

Well, not necessarily the grocery store but intuition works best when we use our imagination and creativity.


And the grocery store is a super fun place to do that.

To develop your psychic sense isn’t something that just happens in your bedroom alone or on a meditation pillow.


So today I’m gonna share with you some of my favorite tools and games that I’ve learned as a little kid to not only deepen your trust with your intuition but also trust your vibes and develop your psychic sense. So let’s go!


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So these things that I’m going to share with you don’t only just happen at the grocery store. They could be in the bank, they can be all the time. 


These are the psychic games that I learned from my mom and from my nana that help you develop your psychic sense because so often we get caught up in what is only physical in our physical senses and in reality that’s extraordinarily limiting.

Because not only do we live in an ocean of vibration but we have to become aware of that and it’s sort of like the difference between listening to mono music versus stereo.


You get the whole encompassing way of how we get input and because intuition is innate it’s something that you’re born with.


We can really develop and practice this skill as you develop your intuitive sense. It’s a reclaiming of your divine self of really saying not only do I trust myself but I trust my vibes and that alone is incredibly powerful


So I want to first start with a story that I just learned from this really interesting podcast. 


This scientist had two different decks of cards and he brought these different people in. He put on these little skin conductors. One deck of cards was a good deck of cards and one deck of cards was the bad deck of cards. 


And the way they could tell was one deck of cards rewarded you money and one deck of cards took away the money. 


As they started to flip these different decks something interesting happened. People intuitively knew which deck of cards gave them money and which one took away the money.


It was something that their body picked up on even before their conscious mind did.


Your body reacts before your mind does.


Oftentimes our mind is the slowest part to pick up and that’s how we can start to develop and trust our intuition.


Your brain is super powerful and wonderful.


What we’re doing is really learning to recognize the unconscious paying attention to those tugs and those pushes and pulls of our own intuitive sense.

So I loved that story because I was like you know science and allude to the game but we’re learning that our intuition picks up on different things and intuition doesn’t live in the realm of right wrong good bad all or nothing. It goes with what resonates which resonates in our physical bodies.


To really start to become aware of this psychic sense of this frequency, My favorite definition of intuition is to pay attention to what’s going on in the present moment.


And one of the many tools that I loved from my mom and from my nana is we used playing our intuition as a game because that’s not in our linear mind. That’s when you play games. 


It’s not about it being right or wrong. It’s about having fun. It’s about using our creative senses. It’s about using all sorts of us. 


What we’re really asking you to do and what I’m asking you to do in developing your intuition is to start to create a dialogue and a conversation with your deeper self. To check in with here before we just go to what’s right.


So the very first game that I played all the time as a little kid and what you can even use right now. Anytime you’re wondering what time is it “I wonder what time it is?”


So before you pick up your phone and look. Take a moment, start to check in and just start to pay attention to what starts to show up and what will be interesting is that you’ll notice that all of a sudden you’ll get better and better at it. You’ll get more and more dialed when it comes to these intuitive parts of yourself and I want you to also start to write down every time that you’re right, write it down, make it a game, celebrate.


Because that is one of the many ways that we start to create a conversation with our inner dialogue. We did this all the time.


Second game, I’m gonna ask you to start to play is a game which is who’s calling? Well nowadays nobody calls but who’s texting?


Next time your phone dings, next time it rings, next time it shows up before you

pick it up and check. Take a moment, pause,  go into your inner sanctum, take a

deep breath and just tune into the vibration and the frequency. And what’s so fun is you’ll notice

that you’ll be right and that also not only helps to train our conscious mind but our confidence.


All the time as a little kid anytime the phone rang we would always play the game of who’s calling? And now it’s texting but still, these are subtle ways that we can start to develop not only a conversation but strengthen that sensibility, strengthen that conversation with our spirit and

not just go to what’s the right answer because that’s something that we can do so much.


And so as you start to use these different tools, as you start to kind of play around with these little games and make it a game. Make it fun, if you have kids in your life play the game with them, if you have people in your life play it with them, and as we start to not only use this consciousness but this playfulness. You’ll notice that not only does your intuitive sense starts to get stronger, not only do you become more aware and connected to the different vibration and

frequency like I said your confidence, your conversation with your spirit gets stronger and that is something that is so incredibly powerful.


Third of all, let’s bring our intuition to the grocery store because we all have to go to the grocery store. So even when you get into your car, before you even start to drive, even in that way start to tune into the frequency of the grocery store.


Watch in your own mind’s eye what are the things that are going to be for sale? Is it going to be cucumbers? Is it going to be Doritos? Is it going to be a cabbage?


Because in those ways that’s where we start to open up to that place of imagination, creativity, and whatever drops in don’t question it. Whatever comes up what other images or words or even a vibration just start to have fun with it. Maybe think what are the things for sale? What might be something that surprises you?

These are all ways that we can start to put our intuition to work, to practice, to develop and even

acknowledge our intuitive sense.


And so even when you’re at the grocery store, number four, a really beautiful and fun

the way that I always like to do because I always wear those arouses right down the block for me and so I’m always at the grocery store.


And we can even use that vibration and that frequency to start to just scan the people around us. Start to notice their own unique spirit because your spirit is like a fingerprint, you have your own vibration, you have your own aura, you have your own sense.


And so as we start to acknowledge even our own spirit like what are the things that you love? What are the things that you know to be true about yourself? What are the things that are part of even your own gifts?


As we acknowledge and really strengthen our conversation with our own spirit, with our guides, with ourselves, in that place of play openness and fun the more that we can start to recognize the spirit in all people.


So as you’re walking through the aisles and you run into somebody you can start to say, what’s their spirit like? What’s their certain vibration? Do they feel grounded? Are they creative? Are

they fun? Are they playful? Are they somebody who’s open? Or maybe sometimes they might be you know feel more protected.


Even yesterday I was with my best friend we went to rouse’s we were walking

through the grocery store aisles and there was this gentleman who was stocking shells and we picked up this popcorn that was like sour patch kid popcorn. Both of us were like “Hmm… We should try this and this gentleman came in, he was like “You don’t want to have that. No, that’s no good.” and we laughed and I was like “Well what’s wrong with it?” and he was like “It doesn’t taste good”.


And then he pointed me to this really fun popcorn mix, it was like cookie dough fun popcorn and it was interesting because the moment that I met his spirit and I saw him my first impression was sweetness. That he had a sweet, kind, fun, spirit, and I could just feel that in his vibration.


Instead of questioning it, I actually traded out the popcorn, took the more fun you know the cookie dough pop, and trusted not only him but it was a fun exercise in getting to just notice

the different people’s spirit. When I checked out there was a woman there who had a lot more grounded sense of spirit, I could feel it in her body and her vibration. She was also very kind but had a completely different vibration than the gentleman who turned and steered me to the good popcorn.


And those are the certain ways that even in through our life as we meet people we can practice, what’s their vibration like? what are they like? what do they feel like? what’s that sense?


And before you overthink it have fun with it and start to notice how that begins to entrain and train your senses to pay attention to vibration not just to what comes through this channel and through this portal because like I said our conscious mind only picks up on that much it’s kind of like looking through people.


When we use our intuitive sense and our mind as best of friends it’s like opening up a door. How does it resonate? How does it feel? Notice, I found out what was on sale it was cucumbers and popcorn, and then write it down


The more that we acknowledge, the more that we take ownership of not only our own intuitive gifts but of our vibration what we’re picking up on. These are these grounded ways that we can start to notice how intuitive we already are. All of the ways that start to show up.


So I hope that you liked this video. Tell me and let me know did you go to the grocery store and like have some fun? Did you pick up on what was on sale? Did you run into a really bright spirit? How do those things resonate and feel for you? Because you’ll start to notice that once you start to speak and take ownership of this vibration using it in the world, you will use this as your compass through everything.


If you’re curious, you know we all have different spirit types and once we know our spirit type, we can also be aware of how our vibration comes in. So don’t forget I have a spirit type quiz that will also tell you about your spirit and how to best care for it because we’re all different.


I have a beautiful spiritual toolkit with a guided meditation and workbook that you can use to put into practice and as always don’t forget I have a family podcast with my mom and my sister about what it really means to live an intuitive life called It’s All Related.


And if you’re curious about working with me, book a soul reading and get clear on your soul purpose, your goals, and unconscious blocks. 


If you want to just dip your toe in the pool, you don’t want to totally jump in check out my single card pool reading and come to my psychic development class.


I have so many tools and resources for you. My book that I wrote with my sister “You are amazing” is a wonderful guide to help you not only tune back into you to your power to yourself to your spirit.


Check out my website www.soniatully.com and follow me on Instagram.


I post every week and let me know what do you think!


I am so grateful for your time your spirit and your energy and I’ll see you next week! 

Sending you all my love,



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