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How To Care For Your Energetic Body

We don't only just have physical bodies, we also have energetic bodies and this is what we call your aura, your personal electromagnetic field.

And you need to care for it just like you would your physical body. Like you brush your teeth or take a shower, eat healthy food.


In the same way, we can care for our energy bodies because our energy bodies inform our physical bodies.


So, I’m going to share with you my favorite ways to care for my energetic body, and your energetic body so you can feel more clear, connected, and be in flow.

Your energetic body is your or it’s comprised of multiple different layers that connect to our physical bodies, our emotional bodies, and our auric field.



That’s our own personal electromagnetic field that we use in the world.



It can pick up on information, on different energies, on all sorts of different things.


If our energy body isn’t clear, our intuitions not going to be clear. And it even can inform our physical health as well.



Our energy bodies tell the truth first.



So today, I’m gonna share with you how to care for and nurture your energetic body.



Your energetic body picks up on all sorts of stuff. Like, for example, it’s if you walk into a room and get a bad vibe, that’s your energy body that’s picking up on the information that informs your physical body.



Now, when our energetic bodies aren’t clean and clear, that’s where our intuitive guidance can kind of get muffled, where we can overly pick up on other people’s emotions.



It can keep us grounded and it can even inform our physical health – no fun.


So we can take some simple tools to care for our energetic bodies that can create huge shifts and create less work in our lives.



You know, I was thinking about this because I remember years ago when I was younger in my twenties and in my teens, I wasn’t always that sensitive to my energetic body.



I knew I was sensitive, but I wasn’t that aware of how it affected me.



And I remember I once went to a party with a friend and I had a few drinks. She was sober, she offered to drive me home.



And on the way home, she just talked to me the entire time about all of the things that were going wrong in her life, which is fine, but it kind of got on this tear.



We pull up in front of my house and I am sitting in the car with my friend for a very, very, very long time and she just downloads all this stuff onto me.



And then it’s like, okay, bye. 



The next morning I woke up and I felt like just blah everything in me and it was a beautiful day.



I was supposed to go see an improv show with my mom. Things were supposed to be good. I had a really nice time at the party.



What was wrong?



My energy body had gotten infected with her negativity.



With all that, I remember calling my mom and she was like, What’s wrong?



I was like, Nothing. She’s like, Yeah, that’s wrong.



You’ve had a psychic attack, as we call it, in my family.



And I was like, Oh, you’re totally right.



So the first thing that we can do in just starting to pay attention to our energy bodies is notice.



How do we feel? What’s your baseline?


Where do you feel? 



Different things in your physical body.



You know, our physical bodies speak to us.



So areas where we have tightness or where we’re holding a lot of stress or tension, we can even open up to our intuitive portals by doing a body scan and just noticing where we’re holding that energy.



And even through the portal of our imagination, just start to ask it to speak, to speak to you.



And this might feel strange, but what’s interesting is that your body will talk to you and I’ll be like, Oh, I’m holding all this emotion.



Or, you know, this is something that is entrenched in me.



Maybe I was holding out, I’m feeling tight in my shoulders because I’m holding all that tension and energy from my friend.



You know, when we can start to even just be aware of our physical bodies, the emotional bodies that come with it, that helps to clear out our energy bodies.



Now, the second tool that I always love all the time that I use and keep this thing on me is this Rose Water.



Rose water clears your energy field.



It’s kind of like a little spritzing bath.



And as we do that, we have to remember that it’s like you have your own biomagnetic field.



It’s measurable, it’s quantifiable.



Everything in the world is vibration and frequency and so a simple way that we can use to clean our energy body is Rosewater.



Taking a hot bath with Epsom salt and baking soda is another one.



A half-cup, half cup. The salt works as a neutralizer, while the baking soda helps to pull toxic energy out of our magnetic field.



Third, the other thing that we can do, which happens especially the more sensitive and empathic, is we can get energetic cords.



That means that we get corded to other people’s energies, experiences, and emotions. 



And so there’s a really simple way that we can use to cut energetic cords that basically lightens a load of like, this isn’t my energy, this is somebody else’s.


This is one tool that I use. 



When I got out of the car with my friend because I was corded to that like sucking energy.



So what you can do is, just like I said at the beginning, do a body scan and notice where you feel tightness and then ask, Is that my energy or somebody else’s?


And trust what comes up, don’t overthink it.



And then what you can do is actually start to cut the cord.



You can push your hands right in front of you like that by using the words SA-HET-UP-NA , which is Tibetan.



And it basically means I cut the cord and send the energy back to you.



I’m sending all of that energy back to you.



And what’s interesting is oftentimes when you cut energetic cords, whether from an old relationship, a negative friend, toxic family member (they happen– they’ll feel it.



And all of a sudden they’ll pop back up.



I’ll be like, “Oh, hey, I think about you just happened to want to fight really, really good friends.”



Want you to start talking.



This person you’re dating is like, cut the cord, cut the energetic cord.



And the next day they texted because they feel that they’re not pulling from your own energy.



Fourth is when we can create a grounding system in order to even come back to center, we have to be grounded, which means rooted in home number one.



Our body is connected to home number two, planet Earth.



So grounding systems can help us notice when we’re in balance or out of balance.


And you can even just sit upright, gently closing your eyes, starting to feel and pull up through, breathe in through your feet, pulling up the support and energy of Mother Earth, connecting to yourself and even their big breath out, blowing out any energy that’s in your field that isn’t yours and what you can even do.



Using a sage stick is a really great way.



Smoke is cleansing, fire is cleansing.



And you can put that all around your energetic field, all around your heart space, all the way down to your feet.



I do this all the time, all the time, and I love it.



And just start to notice, like, as you care for your energetic field. What you’re doing is just keeping the energy clear, which allows you to better access your intuition, and connect to your own receptivity.



Notice if you’re taking on other people’s emotions or feelings or things that aren’t necessarily yours.



And then last but not least, be aware of who you allow in and around your energy field.



If you’re around somebody who’s perpetually negative, then they’re draining your energy field.



If you’re constantly watching really intense things all the time, reading the news constantly, every update that will drain your energetic field.



So do things that care for yourself, your mental health, and your body.



And even caring for your energy field can be as simple as just eating well, getting enough sleep, and drinking enough water.



All of these things are cleansing and grounding.



So these are just some tools that I have in clearing the energy body.



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So I’m sending you all my love.


Hope you have a beautiful day!


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