Let’s clean the fog from your window of perception.

When we trust our intuition, we see the world around us in all its glory and opportunity. We avoid making bad assumptions. We shed our preconceived biases. And when we see accurately, we can access our creativity and expand our lives.

Our windows of perception are cloudy because of what has been modeled to us for most of our life. All the things we’ve never questioned. It’s time to wipe EVERYTHING down and make it shine.

I am so pleased to offer you these FREE GIFTS to help you clean your cloudy windows and see yourself and the world clearly and vibrantly. The way it was meant to be.

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This past weekend, I hosted a Manifestation Workshop, which was such a treat. When we talk about manifestation, more than we are talking about things such as that incredible vacation to Paris (post-COVID), landing the perfect job, or finding the partner of your dreams, what we’re talking about is trusting that we are supported and…


We are being asked to answer the call to create a just, inclusive, world. To heal the deep wounds of racism in all its forms and to create real meaningful change. We are in the birth canal of transformation – it’s deep, deep work.  2020 reminds me of the Tower Card. In the Tarot, the…


Hello, my sweet friends, This has been a rock and roll time for me here in New Orleans! This past Sunday, I performed in my first improv performance with my level 1 improv group. I don’t mind being on stage and speaking publicly- but improv? Not knowing anything, stepping on stage in front of strangers,…


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