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Developing A Relationship With Your Spirit Guides

How to build a relationship with your spirit guides

Whether you want to deepen your connection with your spirit guides, are new to the spirit guide world, or better want to trust your intuition or build confidence in your relationship with your spirit guides, this is for you.’


I’m going to share with you three simple tools to help you develop and deepen your relationship with your spirit guides so that you can move from a world that is ordinary to extraordinary.

Your spirit guides are the non-physical helpers that are here to help you on your earthly journey.


Just like any relationship that we have, the more that we attend and water and pay attention and intentionally develop a relationship with our spirit guides the more guidable we become, the more that we get out of overthinking, and the more that we can find these magic moments for help and support. 

So the very first thing that I want to say is that you innately have a whole constellation of spirit guides. These are your ancestors who have passed your guardian angel who is here to protect you. We have runners who help us find parking spots or help us find our keys. We have the ministry of angels who can help us with specific projects.

Before we get overly bogged down, especially if you’re new to the spirit guide world, I want to remind you that when we connect with our spirit guides, it doesn’t come through the portal of our intellect it comes to the portal of our heart space and our intuition. So it’s not necessarily important that you have to be specific in your request.

Developing a relationship with our spirit guides as a way and an act not only of self-love but as an act of being able to turn things over to something higher than ourselves. 

In our world, we get so caught up in the intellect we get so caught up in the physical plane that we forget that we can really not only in raising our own vibration but we can really ask for a lot of help, and I mean that in so many ways.

I find that so many empathic intuitive people are really good helpers, but often we can block help because it’s something that’s not always natural for us.

So the very first thing in connecting with your spirit guides is first to remember that you are spirit.

You are not your job, you are not your accomplishments, you are not your body, you are spirit, and the moment that we start to place our attention and move our attention from the physical world and start to raise our vibration, our attention, remembering that this is a body, this is just our space suit (as my nana would say), it instantly raises our vibration which makes it easier to connect with the spirit world.

We have to move out of this paradigm of right, wrong, good, and bad into does this resonates as true.

My very first tool in developing and communicating with your spirit guides first is by asking them for help the most.

The important thing we can do is be clear in our intention and ask for what we need help with and whether that’s a job or a relationship or maybe we’re struggling with a life problem. So just ask. 

It’s a simple prayer that I say every morning, one way that I start my day and connect with my guides is to help me move to my highest good and allow me to be flexible enough not to be tied to what I think is best is my own will but turning it over to divine will.

So our first very first tool is to be open to support.

Second of all, where developing a relationship with our spirit guides. Something that I love to do that’s in my home and throughout my home is creating an altar.

Creating an altar is a physical space in your home whether that be a bookshelf whether that be a tiny corner but this can be your portal for connection and this can also be a physical reminder for you that not only that you have help but it can be a place where we can actually start to turn things over.

If you want to create an altar the first thing I’d say is to create and collect sacred objects whether that’s statues, photos, feathers, rocks, or anything that speaks to you, and anything that brings you closer to the things that you love.

The more that we’re in that vibration of love the higher our vibration goes and the easier it is to connect with our spirit guides.

So creating an altar is a very beautiful way that we can ask an anchor to support.

A third way that we can start to develop a relationship with our spirit guides is to ask them for help with everything.

I ask my spirit guides for help with everything and anything. For example, I just traveled home from Europe yesterday out of Heathrow airport and what I learned from the news was that it was going to be awful. The lines are super long and the bags have been lost so before I even step foot at the airport I asked my spirit guides and said “Spirit guides help me have such an easy smooth travel day.” with that, I turned it over.

I decided that I wasn’t going to worry because I knew that my guides had me, and not only did I have a really smooth travel day, I was upgraded to first class. Thank you guides and all my bags arrived.

So where we can ask for help for specific things more important than having to get it right is to be available for support.

Developing a relationship with our spirit guides, you can kind of think of it as developing a relationship with anyone. The more that you speak to them, that can be in the shower, that can be while you’re driving your car, that can be anywhere.

The more that you communicate, the more that you’re open, the more that you’re available, and the more that you will be guidable.

We can get so stuck in our heads that if we’re not guidable then our spirit guides can’t help us with anything but we have free will and a choice.

So make it a choice to pay attention to the subtle ways that your guides are helping you.

Fourth, a beautiful way that we can also help is by thanking your spirit guides.

Thank you so much! 

Gratitude is one of the highest vibrations on the planet earth, and the more that we can anchor into gratitude, the more that we can start to see how things are working in our lives instead of where we get stuck.

Our spirit guides rejoice when we say gratitude and when we have gratitude.

Another beautiful way spirit loves beauty and first that recognizes that you yourself are beautiful just as you are and surround yourself with beauty.

Music, art, and having a fresh bouquet of flowers, these are all treats that you can do for yourself but not only that but your own spirit guides.

Last but not least, talk about them.

Talk and notice the ways that you’ve had magical experiences.

For me, getting upgraded to first class and having a smooth travel day that was my guide, and I acknowledge the ways that they have helped me and supported me. The ways that they are showing up for me and train our attention to start to pay attention to the ways that our guides are speaking to us. 

Go throughout your life. What are the ways and the signs?

For example, I’ve said this a lot of different times already. In my family pennies is a sign of spirit. My grandfather used to flip pennies to my mom and to me because they said in god we trust, so anytime I see a penny on the street or anywhere, I know that that’s a sign from my guide.

So I acknowledge, and I’m grateful for those subtle ways that they are showing up.

And most importantly in developing a relationship with your spirit guides, don’t overthink it.

No, because you are innately spirit, and you innately have help. That you innately have divine support. We don’t have to try and get it right. The most important thing is your intention. Where is my intention and what is my attention, where can I have more grace, where can I allow more flow, and where can I see what’s working in my life?

Last but not least is to name your spirit guides.

My spirit’s name is Peony but I have a whole bunch of different guides that come in. One of my beautiful joy guides’ names is Joy and so anytime that I have a little humor or something that comes in that surprises me I’m like, “Thank you joy. That is you.”

 You don’t have to necessarily worry about getting the name right. Think of it as an energetic calling card, so call on your spirit guides, and recognize that you are spirit, pay attention to the things that anchor into your heart space, build an altar and attend to it daily, bring it flowers, use it as a space of meditation and prayer.

Another simple way that you can develop a relationship with your spirit guides if you’re really struggling with something that you’re really worried about is to pray.

That’s a way we can turn things over to something bigger than ourselves, higher than ourselves, and if you’re really really struggling, another tool that I love is taking a little piece of paper writing where you need help, and folding it up. Put it on your altar as a physical way to turn something over, saying “Okay, I’m taking my hands off the rings, and I’m giving it to you, I’m giving it to god, and I expect a solution.

So I hope that you enjoyed this. Please tell me the ways that you’d love to connect with your own spirit guides, maybe that’s music, dance, maybe it’s your altar or anything.

Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think.

As always check out my free spirit guided meditation that you can use to get a name for your spirit guides and your own spirit.

More than anything, I am so grateful for you for your time

I’m sending you all my love, and I’ll see you next week, bye!


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