Classes & Workshops

Online courses and workshops that are tailored to your needs, whether one on one or group courses, there’s lot’s to get you started!

Group Classes

Get Into It. Find your Spirit Community. Most of my clients tell me that they feel alone, as if other people don’t get them. They wonder where their people are. They search for belonging. I want to help you find and expand your community so you can live a more spiritually connected, intuitively rich life.

Our Group Classes are nurturing places to strengthen your intuitive muscles, develop your believing eyes, and truly tap into your own power. These deep, interactive classes become a path for incorporating new skills into your life.

Group Classes include one video module per week, with written homework. An intuitive lesson at the top of every class is followed by a robust group discussion.

Online Courses

Become an intuitive badass. Are you ready to trust yourself, your intuition and the Universe? Become an Intuitive Badass. Trust your spontaneity by connecting to your innate genius and essential joy. When you trust your spontaneous self, you tap into your imagination and creativity. You can create worlds from this place, but you cannot create what we cannot imagine.


Be an Intuitive Badass consists of 10 video modules, all under 10 minutes, a corresponding workbook and guided meditation to help you dive deep into your imagination, and keep track of your progress. The Course also includes membership in a private
Facebook group.


Let’s bring learning into the real world. I designed my
workshops to help you break free of the roadblocks I see again and again as a spiritual coach. These workshops give you a chance to not only learn from me, but to connect with your soul family, gain some practical tools for coping, and get your questions answered.

Learning should be interactive, surprising,
supportive and FUN. And these workshops are all those things and more. This is your chance to learn, connect, ask questions and support yourself and others on a healing journey.