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Beginner’s Guide to Manifesting EVERYTHING

Here are essential steps for beginners to manifest successfully.

I will share with you some grounded principles that can help you lay a solid foundation, organize, and get clear on what you’re manifesting so that you can bring your dreams to fruition this year.

Manifestation is an organized process where we co-create with the universe.



If you look around, you can recognize that everything you’ve already created is a manifestation of a successful manifestation, whether it’s a job, a relationship, or your home.



If you even take a moment to think about it, everything in the world was manifested. It was first an idea and a desire to birth something creative into the world.



So, when we talk about manifestation, we’re really talking about connecting with ourselves as inherent divine co-creators.



You are naturally a co-creator, you’re naturally intuitive, you’re naturally guided.



So what is so important, though, is getting organized.



Because often, when we have all these videos, all these different things, but if you don’t know what you truly want to manifest as a desire instead of a thought, it’s just more information.



You’ll get stuck in those same loops, feeling frustrated.



I’ve been mentoring and doing reading for clients for over a decade, and one of the biggest issues I see is that people may try to manifest what they think they want.



For example, I had a client who wanted to manifest a new house. It was what she thought she wanted.



She got her vision board and affirmations and all of these things, but they’re not working.



Why is this not working?



When I started to peel back the layers, I asked, “Why do you want a new house?”



She’s like, “Well, it’ll be somewhere where I feel safe and secure.”



Ding, ding, ding. That is a big clue.



Instead of manifesting a house, which was an idea, what she really wanted immediately was a sense of safety and security within herself, and a house was a symbol of that.



So first, get clear on the immediate.



What are the things that you immediately need?

What are the things you’re immediately lacking in your life?

Is it really about a job?

Is it really about a partner?

Is it really about a house, or is it about something deeper, like where you want a partnership?


Maybe you want more creative support.

Maybe you want more joy.



These are very important principles for getting organized and going within.



This is where your intuition and your spirit are the most important because when it’s a thought, this is how we can differentiate a thought from a desire.



Thoughts talk a lot like a little rotisserie chicken on a spit. They do not connect with our feeling body.



Our feeling body is key in manifesting because when we think of something, it can be like cars on the road, they go past.



But when it’s a true desire, when it’s something that every cell in you wants, it will naturally sustain your attention.



What is that? What are the things that you worry about?



That’s a good place to start.



We worry where we’re overwhelmed. This is a good indicator of what we need to manifest in the immediate.



So let’s start there.



The second beginner principle is to get crystal clear on your goal.



Now that you’ve gotten clear on what it is that you want, get clear on your goal. Because the more we are clear, the more we can direct our intention in attention.



When we have a goal, we have something specific and be super specific, not I want to be surrounded by more money.



You might manifest a friend or a partner who wins the lottery, but with a specific saying like I want X or Y.



The more specific we can get, the clearer we can get in our mind’s eye.


And again, check in.



Is this a thought that kind of passes by or a desire that brings every single thing within me to direct my energy?



Once you have your goal, and if you have, let’s say you have a big goal, like my client who wanted a house that was still something that she wanted to manifest.



But the first thing that she needed to manifest in order to achieve that larger goal was safety and security within herself.



So that was one. She had that safety and security. Then, she could manifest the next thing, which was actually her dream house.



And she did it. Yay!



So look to the immediate.



Even if you have a big long-term goal, you can break it up into steps.


What is the next step? The next logical step.



This is where our intellect is a really good partner with our intuition and ourselves.



So, write down that goal on a piece of paper. When we write things down, we connect. Our hands are connected to our heart space and our subconscious mind.



And I want you to write a statement of intention and attention. This is where you are affirming to the universe that this is where I’m going to put all of my energy. This is where I am pointing my magic wand.


And as my mom always said, “When you name it, you claim it.”

So don’t play small.



Be specific about what you want.



Last but not least, tool number three. Whatever you’re manifesting isn’t just about a vision board; you also need to take action.



It isn’t just about throwing it out into the universe.



It’s your responsibility to take action.



If you want to manifest a new job, one way you can write down your attention and intention.



And then start to network.



Start to ask people about new jobs and opportunities, and be open.



My mom always said, to manifest your dreams, you must let go of your fears.



If fear is stopping you, make sure that you recognize that what you know is all there is to know and what you’ve already created.



You create something new in the future.



These are very basic principles of manifestation, and they are vital. This is your foundation.



So get clear on what it is that you want in the immediate.



You want a house? Go down and say, okay, do I have safety and security? Do I have all these different things?



Go there.



Second, write it down.



Write it down. Be specific. Be very clear on your goal.



Third, make sure it is a desire.



Something that lights up your feeling body. It will naturally sustain your attention.



And that’s why we need concentration to manifest.



And last, make sure that you work with the universe by doing your part, by taking simple actions to really help to co-create your dream and not be attached to your fears.



This is our very beginning foundation.



If you enjoyed this read, I can do a series. Let me know in the comments below. What are you manifesting this year?



I’d love to hear from you.



If you want to work with me, I would encourage you to book a soul reading this year so we can get really clear on your gifts, your purpose, what lies ahead, and what you’re moving away from.



It is a beautiful process.



I’m sending you all my love, and I will see you next week. Bye!


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