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Bad Vibed: Here’s the Cure

As intuitive and empaths, we are incredibly porous – to the energy that surrounds us, to the turbulent and ever-changing energy in our day to day, to criticism and to feeling ungrounded. In all the changes in my life, moving from France, moving to a new place, adjusting to changes in my own family system, I am recognizing more than ever that it is an invitation to solidify my core and find ways to both raise my intuitive antenna and to also lower it as not to get zapped energetically.

In our world, we have been raised to look from the outside in for approval. This happened in the way of being good at school, using our intuition to preempt what others are needing or wanting, to being a dumping ground for others as a way to be loving or helpful. Yet, this paradigm of giving endlessly is an outdated one. 


We are being asked to lead with our clear, compassionate, emphatic hearts while being grounded in knowing who we are. This means looking at where we excel and where we are human.  Instead of casting off parts our ourselves as not good enough, to integrate them into the fabric of who we are, owning both our light and our shadow with compassion. 

I had an excellent lesson in that when I was invited to be on a podcast with a gentleman who decided to use our time together to give me “helpful feedback” on my work. As someone who is always wanting to learn and grow, I gave this gentleman a lot of space for feedback that wasn’t truly in my best interest. As a result, I felt terrible, inadequate, confused. Yet, it was a perfect life lesson for me in learning to develop my own core and a reflection where I gave away my power for approval. (Check out my IGTV video to learn more about what I learned in this experience) 

The funny thing is wherever we seek love or approval outside of ourselves to feel secure, it is a doomed prospect. We’ll never get it because it’s not our Spirit that is seeking approval but our own ego. We can’t control the outside world, and if we continually seek approval this way, we will never succeed. We intuitively know this, I see this again and again with my clients. This is where we work to develop that catchers mitt – by reconnecting with our Divine Spirit and knowing the things that we know to be true by looking at our actions. 

When I looked at my actions, they didn’t line up with the feedback I received. I know that I am a devoted student, I lead with my heart, I practice authenticity, patience, love, and integrate feedback when it’s appropriate.  It was an exercise in knowing who I am, in present time. 


Here are some of my favorite tools to help develop that catcher’s mitt that I use daily: 

1. I am a huge proponent of meditation – it allows me to differentiate between the voice of my Spirit and that of my ego. The voice of your Spirit is uplifting, grounding, and knowing. If you’re meditating, a beautiful visualization is at the end of your mediation is to envision yourself rooted to the ground, feeling the loving support of Mother Earth. Imagine that you’re in an invisible bubble that lets in the good things and reflects back the energy that isn’t yours. Think of it as your psychic armoring. This helps us anchor in the energy of our Spirit. 

2. Our heads are quick to dismiss our progress. Get out a journal and write down the things that you know about yourself to be true. Look to your actions – they are indicative of where you put your energy. Be generous with yourself, as generous as you are with others. If you’re really struggling, think of the people in your life who are your cheerleaders, ask them to tell you the things that they love and admire about you. Pay attention to how well you receive that energy. 

3. Pay attention to the energy of your Spirit. It’s like any other relationship and is one that deserves love and care. We are not our egos, we are Spirit, and our egos get afraid that we’re not enough. We don’t need to kill or battle our egos but train them to be of service. When my ego gets really loud and critical, I notice who is doing the talking, thank it for its help in trying to protect me and tell it I can relax and that I am safe.  

4. Notice what you say to yourself. Speak lovingly to yourself. Treat your Spirit, as you would treat the most sacred guest in your home. It is holy. You are holy. And human. Whole holy human. 

If you’re struggling for clarity, or need help, I encourage you to book a 15-minute free call with me to see if working with me would be a good fit. Often times, we get to learn all the tools from our books, workshops but have trouble actually integrating them into our lives, leading us to be more critical or harsh. I have over 15 years of experience, helping people create shifts in their lives that their heart is needing. Click here to find a time that works for you. 

Sending you all my love, 
Sonia Tully 

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