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5 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently

I will share with you five ways intuitive people navigate the world differently than people who have cut off their intuition.


Your intuition is you’re innate divine GPS. It is hardwired into you.


But our world hasn’t been one that has nurtured or fostered intuition ever since the Industrial Revolution. We have put so much value on reason that we have suffocated our intuitive voice.


There are simple ways that intuitive people navigate the world differently than people who don’t listen to their gut.


The first thing that intuitive people do differently is creating space to listen to their inner voice and intuition.


I grew up in an intuitive family, and any time that I struggled with any problem, I would come to my mom, and I would say, “Mom, I’m having trouble with X, Y or Z, and these are all the different reasons and blah, blah, blah.


The first question she would ask me is, “What does your spirit say?”


Which caused me to pause and listen inward for the answer, instead of getting caught up in the blah blah blah out of my head.


So first thing, intuitive people make the choice to start to create the space, to go inwards, and to listen.


That is radical.


So if you want to improve your intuition and strengthen and awaken it, start by making the space to check in inwards.


The second thing intuitive people do differently than those who have choked off their intuition is trusting their gut.


They trust their intuition.


When you get a hit and nudge, instead of overthinking it, analyzing it, and asking every single other person what it is that they think, they trust what that guidance is, even if it does not make sense to the logical mind.


Because the thing about intuition is that it is in our subconscious, and it picks up on this deeper vibration of information that might not have made itself a parent yet.


Instead of saying, “Oh well, that’s not true. You can’t prove it.They say something feels off. I’m going to trust that.


I can think of a client that I had not long ago who had a boyfriend, and she really wanted this relationship, and she was in it.


We were on the phone mentoring her.


And every single thing was this little red flag around to me being controlling, overbearing, and all of it.


And constantly, instead of trusting her gut that something that was off, she rationalized over and over and over and over again why her gut was wrong, why it was working.


And instead of trusting that part that said something doesn’t feel right, she rationalized it.


So intuitive people don’t rationalize their intuition because intuition isn’t rational.

That’s a different faculty. That’s our intellectual mind. That’s rational.


That’s black, white, right, wrong, good or bad or nothing.


The third thing that intuitive people do is they practice being present.


One of my favorite definitions of intuition is you pay attention, paying attention to the energies, paying attention to even what’s in front of us, and even what’s going on.


The other week I was at a dinner and it was amazing because everybody was sitting around and chit-chatting but nobody was actually present with who was sitting in front of them.


They were just talking about all these, their dog and their job and blah blah blah.

And instead of having a moment of pause and just listening and taking in the information of what was around them, they already had an answer, a story. They’re already here, there, and everywhere which is not being present.


When I’m with somebody who’s intuitive, the first thing they know is
they’re present with me. They’re here. We’re here. They’re not over there.


And so, if you want to cultivate your intuition, practice being present.


Our lives are busy. The world is busy. Our phone and everything.


And it can be really easy to not be present because our world is busy.


So if you want to cultivate your intuition, practice, being present with the people in and around you.


The third thing that intuitive people do differently is that they focus, create and connect with their empathy.


Intuition also resides in our heart space. It’s somewhere here in our heart.
It comes through this portal of our heart.


And so in connecting in that place, because when we raise our vibration, the vibration of love, gratitude that raises our frequency, that’s where the world of spirit is.


The moment that we acknowledge and start to pay attention to these different things, even being an empathic listener, being a heart-centered person, instead of trying to have the right answer, trying to tell people what they’ve done wrong and instead of being in judgment, they’re compassionate.


Not only with the people around them but with themselves.


And we’re empathic when we practice our empathy.


When we practice being able to see the spirit of others, see people as they are, see people with their gifts, with their flaws, with their humanness, with all of it, it immediately activates our intuition, activates this portal listening and helps us to connect with anyone.


One thing that intuitive people do differently is that they’re flexible.


That means that they move.


They have a certain movement practice.


Because the thing about intuition is it asks you to make a decision.

Intuition will give you a direction.


You’ll say, “Should I go for that job?”


And if your intuition says, “No.”


If you don’t act on it, if you don’t move with it, and you get more and more in overthinking, you become an energetic landfill.


When we are in that space, you are going to get completely cut off your intuition.

The other thing that intuitive people do differently is that they foster their creativity.


And that doesn’t mean that they have to be artists but they find ways to be creative, find solutions, and find different ways to navigate the world.


What I know from readings, mentoring, and all of it is that oftentimes when people come up against a roadblock or even when somebody else says, “Hey, you can’t do that, that’s impossible, X, Y, or Z.”


Instead of saying, “Is that true?” They stop. And they just say, “Okay, that is what it is. That’s true.”


That’s it. And it cuts off any creativity whatsoever.


But creativity and intuition are twins because they both require
a few different things.


One is presence.


When we are being creative, we’re in a present process which is a listening faculty, and then we go and make decisions by what feels good.


If it feels good, I’m going to keep continuing to do that.


If it doesn’t feel good, I’m going to change directions.


And with that, it allows that certain flexibility to move and flow with life because life isn’t stagnant, and energy isn’t stagnant.


And if we make ourselves stagnant, if we make life stagnant, then we become stuck.


We get stuck in overthinking, black and white, and trying to figure it out.


While intuitive people, instead of saying that, they say, “Oh, anything that shows up is a creative challenge.”


As my Nana would always say, the situation is critical but never serious.


And what that brings me to is number five.


Intuitive people have a sense of humor.


Laughter is the language of God.


And the moment that we can laugh and find humor in any situation, what it does is it breaks up the ego.


They get so serious, and it gets so attached that it takes ourselves seriously. It takes the world seriously and disconnects us immediately.


When we can find humor, laughter, and joy, that is a hallmark of an intuitive person.


You can see a few different signature.


Intuitive people have a twinkle in their eye and a smile, and they’ll be present with you.


Intuitive people also consult their intuition.


They have a relationship with their spirit and nurture it.


Whether that’s in meditation, movement, alone time, journaling, or whatever, that is a priority for them in life.


Their relationship with their spirit and intuitive self is the foundation of any other relationship in the world.


And if we dedicate and have these relationships that are outside of ourselves, whether it’s what other people think or our friends or family, society or whatever, then you’re constantly looking for approval outside of yourself.


And intuitive people don’t need approval from others because the only approval that really matters is our own internal approval of what resonates.


And last, they trust.


They trust their experiences. They trust themselves.


And that is the power of intuition.


Now, these are just a few different things and there are a lot of other things, but if you want to develop and anchor and foster your intuition, I would just say-


Decide that you are intuitive, know that you are, expect your intuition to work, and be open to intuitive guidance and when it comes in, trust it and make a decision.


Intuitive people make decisions because the moment we make a decision, we put energy from stagnant into action and flow.


So trust, notice, and foster your intuitive self and make it a priority in your life and notice how everything else changes.


So let me know what you think. Drop me a comment below.


And if you want, you can always book an intuitive reading with me.


You can get clear on your soul purpose, answer your burning questions, get clear on your roadblocks and more.


So I cannot wait to hear from you.


I am sending you all my love,

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