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5 Simple Practices to Become More Intuitive

How to sharpen your intuition, get clear guidance, and reclaim your intuitive voice.

Intuition can seem foreign when we’re not used to tuning in. Our minds like to overthink it, making it an abstract concept. You might be waiting for a booming voice to come in and tell you what to do – but intuition doesn’t work that way. Intuition is the art of deep listening but instead of listening to words, you’re listening to vibration. 


Just like any skill, it can be practiced and developed. Once you know what you’re listening for and take some simple steps on how to tune in, you’ll grow more confident in your own intuitive power. What our mind doesn’t like to recognize is that connecting to your intuition is easy- because it’s the way we’re naturally designed to live.


 Now, more than ever, it’s important to tune out the noise that we’re constantly surrounded by (hello TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Discord, etc) and tune inward to our heart space where our intuition resides. 

Here are 5 simple practices to become more intuitive:

1. Expect Your Intuition To Work



It really is that simple. How we choose to view ourselves has an effect. When we choose to see ourselves as intuitive, our paradigm shifts. Where our attention goes, energy flow – if you decide to see yourself as intuitive and able to receive guidance, you’ll notice all the ways that you’re getting guidance. Intuition is natural. It is our inner GPS system that is constantly guiding us. In order to tune in, all we have to do is decide.



2. Be Guidable



We are guided all the time. The problem isn’t our intuition, it is that we are not genuinely available for guidance. Honestly ask yourself if you want help. Do you want guidance or do you want your guidance to agree with you? Be open to what your intuition is telling you. Your guidance isn’t a mandate, you can choose whether or not you want to follow it. That’s the beauty. The power always lays in your hands. In order to be guided, we have to be guidable – it’s as simple as that.



3. Get Back Into Your Body



In order to access our intuition, we need to be embodied. We get guidance through our physical senses and movement is vital to our ability to feel our intuition. Have a dance party, do some yoga, go for a walk around the block. Being sedentary is one of the largest blocks to getting guidance, so move that wonderful body of yours and see what changes when you move the energy and allow the energy to move you.



4. Say Your Guidance Out Loud


The power of our own voice is the most powerful tool that we have. Our guidance usually gets choked off because we aren’t accustomed to speaking it aloud. What happens is it rolls around in our heads and our intellects have us overthink our guidance and we lose our moment. When we speak aloud, we feel the vibration. We can easily distinguish between our heads, our intuition, and our fears. When we name it, we claim it.



5. Pay Attention to All the Ways that You Have Already Been Guided.



The intellect likes to dismiss the ways that you’ve already been guided. When you start to pay attention and note all the ways your intuition works, we train our minds to trust our intuition. Write down all the ways you have been guided. Focus on the little deals that have happened. Watch how your list and your confidence grow when you shift your attention to the ways that your intuition works.



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