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5 Red Flags to know your Spirit Guides are NOT talking to you!

Do you wonder if there is a way to absolutely know that it's not your intuition, spirit guides, or higher self?

I want to share with you five major red flags—major telltale signs—so you can immediately know that it is not the voice of your Spirit, guides, and angels speaking.


So you can be aware of the different vibrational signatures and tells and have more confidence in trusting yourself and your intuition.  

This past week, I had a reading with a client who was telling me about some messages that she had gotten from her spirit guides. 


My immediate reaction, my immediate red flag, was that it was not your spirit guide. That’s not your intuition speaking.


So I wanted to share with you some of the ways, some of the telltale signs, and five telltale signs that you can use to know: Is this my intuition, my imagination, overthinking, or wishful thinking? 


Speaking of Spirit Guides, I’m hosting a live workshop tomorrow, March 22, 2024, at 11 am Central. It will be a live workshop on how to communicate and build a relationship with your Spirit guides and your intuition – we’ll have questions, it’ll be interactive– will be so much fun. 


So, I encourage you to sign up and join me. 


The telltale sign number one: It flatters you.


The voice of your Spirit and your intuition, even your spirit guides, do not use flattery. That is the language of the ego. 


If it tells you that you are wonderful, special, and better and uses that as an approach, that’s a giant red flag. 


Your intuition is the voice of your Spirit, and your spirit guides communicate through that same portal through signs, symbols, and messages. And they don’t use flattery because flattery appeals to our ego self. 


It’s not connected to our truth.  


It’s not connected to the present moment. 


It’s not grounded in reality and confuses because that’s not how Spirit speaks. 


Spirit is rooted in deep self-love —love for yourself and self-worth. We’ll always point you to your true north. 


So, sometimes, that message isn’t that flattering. 


I know for myself when I have got an intuitive hit to nudges and where I’ve been like, “This does not appeal to me. This is not a flattering light.” 


So if it’s flattering, not your Spirit guides or intuition. Absolutely not. 


Telltale sign number two: If it uses the words should, have to, and must.


That is a giant red flag. 


Those words are often the language of our intellect. Intellect imposes a mandate and doesn’t give us much choice. 


You SHOULD go and have a spirit. 

You SHOULD meditate every morning.  

You SHOULD do X, Y and Z. 


Don’t SHOULD on yourself because your Spirit and your guides don’t should on you. 


So any time that comes up, if you’re trying to access guidance, solutions, or even open some listening from within, if it uses that language, should you, have to, you must, that is not your Spirit guides 110%. 


The third one is your Spirit guides, and your intuition will never be menacing, threatening, cruel, and scary. 



And that’s really important. 


Just the other week, I was in a reading with that same client who was telling me about these messages from her spirit guides, and they were scary—really based on fear and, in a way, we’re isolating. 


That is not your Spirit. That is not your guides.  


If you feel afraid, that means 100% it’s not anything that comes from a higher plane of divine guidance and support. 


And when those things come up for you, if that happens very regularly, take a pause, get rooted back into your body, and pay attention. 


Sometimes, even mental illness, which is very common and prevalent throughout the United States and throughout the world, has a lot of shame around it. It can sometimes be disguised as the voice of your guide, your Spirit, and your angels. It’s not it. That is not at all. 


So, if that’s happening, definitely go get some help and support and seek some resources. There’s no shame in it because that is not how Spirit talks, walks, or feels. 


Fourth, I touched on this before: we can have a red flag if anything shows up as a mandate. 


It leaves you no choice. 


The big thing about our Spirit and our spirit guides is that they always respect and support your free will choice. 


They will never give you an absolute. 


That’s where even we come back to number two – should, have to, and must. 


And that is not the voice of your Spirit. Those are not your spirit guides.  


Because within that is our gift of free will, our gift of choice. Our Spirit and our guides love us unconditionally. They will point us to our true north.  


They will guide us to what is in our highest good, even if it’s not something that we necessarily want to hear. 


But again, the divine will always support your right to choose and will still lovingly be there no matter what choice you make. 


Last but not least, if any messages come in that are really grandiose, that makes you special, different, and elevated, that is not your Spirit. 


That is not your Spirit Guides.


A lot of times, it’s our imagination or even our higher intellect faking us out. 


I remember years ago, I had a client who, every single time we talked about her Spirit or her spirit guides, all of a sudden it was like Mother Mary, the ascended masters, and every basically big name in spirituality were the ones that constantly came in and were the ones that are showing up. 


Can we connect with those energies? Absolutely. 

Can they show up? Absolutely.  


But if all of your Spirits and guides make you feel like the Madonna of the spirit world, that’s not your Spirits and guides. 


Oh, that’s where we can be confused, and our higher intellect can confuse being special. 


If it makes you special, better than, self separates out, that is not your Spirit and not your guide. 


So those are the five that are off the top of my head of some obvious ways to know this isn’t the voice of Spirit. This isn’t my spirit guides. This can even just be my very creative intellect that can come in. 


If you want to learn how to communicate and connect with your Spirit, your guides, and your higher self and really move into mastery so you’re out of doubt and confused, come to my workshop tomorrow, March 22, at 11 AM Central. It’s going to be so much fun!  


It will be recorded. I’ll send you the recordings so you can work on it again and again; you will absolutely love it.  


Let me know also what you think.

How do your Spirit and guides communicate with you? 


What are your tell-tale signs?  


I can’t wait. Tell me in the comments below.


All My Love,



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