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3 Tools to Revive Your Spiritual Practice

If your spiritual practice has gone stagnant or taken a back seat or maybe you just aren't connecting or feeling good then it's time for a spiritual reset.

In this video, I’m going to share with you three tools to help renew and reset your spiritual practice so you can enter into more flow connectivity and feel good.

Our spiritual practices are the concentrated intentional ways that we use to connect and feed our spirit that then informs how we even navigate in the world.



They’re really important because as we dedicate our time and energy to these different practices not only does it help to grow our connection, strengthen our faith, build our confidence, open ups guides, angels, and all of the good stuff but also is a way that we can feed and nurture ourselves but with anything it can go flat. It happens.



Our spiritual practices sometimes can fall stagnant and I know this because this recently happened to me. 



Usually, I have a morning practice where I do some yoga and do some meditation, some breath work, and journaling. And for a really long time (for a few weeks) I just recognized that I just wasn’t showing up to it or when I did, it was like my body was in the chair but my spirit was elsewhere.



At first, I was like I gotta just keep working harder but every time, It was like my heart wasn’t in it. So I knew it was time for a reset and renewal.



As we grow and change, our practices, our living breathing things need to grow, change and evolve with us.



I was talking to my dad. We were talking about one time we went to India and met with this guru. And an interesting thing that he said was “A spirit –like having a spiritual connection without practice is like a river with no banks. It’s wide and shallow but our practice gives us depth.” and I was like “Ugh! I love that. Good way and good refrain.”



We have to recognize that our practices aren’t about appeasing like sky daddy because that’s not how it works but about a way that we can feed and care for ourselves, and connect to our spirit to be self-loving.



When we can even just start from that approach, it can change how we look at our practices.



So the first thing that I’m going to ask you to do is just start by getting clear on your intention.



What is your why?

Why do you want a spiritual practice?

What does it bring you?

What are the gifts that you get from it?



When we can notice our intention, that can help to inform our decisions and behavior. 



It’s like I know that when I go to the gym I’ll feel better afterward and sometimes that’s what motivates me to go when I don’t want to go. Same same.



So we can start with an intention that can help color everything.



Also, it’s not between you and some sort of higher power. It’s really between you and you.



And I always think sometimes of discipline as a dirty word. Can kind of feels like harsh.



But discipline comes from the word “disciple” which means student. So when we can think about even just being disciplined it’s being a student of life, of the universe.



So the first way that I’d say in starting to really revive your spiritual practice which is one thing that I did is Create a new morning routine.



You know for me, my morning routine was very stagnant. Yoga then some breath work then I pulled a card so instead what I did was I started to play my guitar as a way to practice and connect with my spirit and feed my spirit and that ended up creating a change. Then I would start to do some yoga and I put on fun music.



Instead of following a class, I just kind of did whatever my body felt and that was a fun way to start to renew my practice. That gave me new life and energy. 



So for you, create your own morning practice, It doesn’t have to be meditation, it doesn’t have to be any specific set way. 



It could be journaling. Journaling is talking to your higher self. It could be going for a nice long walk.



Your spiritual practice can even be gardening. 



That could be your spiritual practice. 



Whatever it is that connects you to something that you love where you can get into a flow state that is where your practice resides.



And if you can make it fun and interesting. Like I love dancing. It’s a way that I practice my spiritual practice in the morning then it’s something that you can look forward to.



Second of all, my other favorite way when I’m really feeling disconnected is to get out in nature.



Anytime that we’re in nature we connect to not only the source energy of mother earth but it quiets us. It’s our home number one and that is where we can find commonplace and connection with the divine. That’s where we can open up to the miracle and wonder of the real world.



Not only is it cleansing for our energetic bodies but it is in itself spiritual.


So go to a beautiful park and go for a walk or a hike or anything that connects you back to places where you feel good.



Nature is the ultimate way for me. I go every single year to the pacific northwest and go camping because that’s one of the ways that I renew my spirit and my practice.



And the third way that I’d say in renewing your own spiritual practice is you can even start by getting a gratitude journal.



You know gratitude connects us to our heart space, to what it is that we love and it raises our energetic vibration and actually helps to even inform our mindset which I did a video on a few weeks ago.



When we can use gratitude as a way to connect to spirit, back to the things that we love, back to things that we know to be true that we’re grateful for everything in us opens up and it can be as simple as naming three things a day.



And the last thing that I just want to say is don’t make your spiritual practice too complicated.



Sometimes our high intellect comes in and says “Oh it needs to be all these different things in order to meditate there you go there and you do a billion trillion things.”



And it becomes a have to. It becomes not fun. It becomes a drag. Becomes one more thing that we have to do on our list.



And when we can change that of like it’s not about what we have to do but about a re-centering. Paying attention that these things feed me. 



These things make me feel good and therefore as an act of connection of love, of care for myself.



I’m gonna prioritize this because when you fill your spiritual cup, when you fill your well, from there that’s when you have the energy to give and share. 



That’s where you feel good in life.



So what is your spiritual practice? Do you have one?



I would love to hear what your practices are, and what your favorite practices are. 


Give me other ideas to share with our community in the comments below. I would absolutely love to hear from you.



Like I said you can always download my own guided meditation which is a very powerful way that you can use to guide your own and start your day as a spiritual practice.



You can also get that in this link below and also take my spirit type quiz because we all have different spirit types and there are different ways, like if you’re a fire spirit, one of your spiritual practices might have to include movement.



If you’re an earth spirit maybe being just quiet sitting in nature hanging on a fleet in a field of flowers can be your spiritual practice.



Maybe if you’re an air spirit, writing is your spiritual practice and maybe if you’re a water spirit being alone and listening to music can be your spiritual practice.



Your spiritual practice can be anything you want it to be as long as it connects you back to your spirit. That’s the most important thing.



So I hope you enjoyed this. See you next week!



Sending you all my love,


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