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3 Simple Grounding Techniques to Access Your Intuition

Your intuition is your innate divine intelligence and it not only tells you what's true but leads you to your highest good.

If we’re stuck in overwhelm overthinking anxiety and we’re feeling ungrounded it’s next to impossible to discern intuition from the blah blah blah that goes on in our brain.


This week we’re talking about getting grounded to access intuitive guidance. 

So first of all your intuition resides in the present moment that’s the only way you’re going to be able to hear what it’s saying.


And intuition comes in different ways for different people. Some people are clairvoyant where they see images, some people are clairsentient where they feel things and some people are clairaudient where they get a simple message –a word.



Now our intellect when we’re feeling ungrounded uses a different system. it talks a lot. it’s like a little rotisserie chicken on a spit it goes into black-white right, wrong,  all or nothing, and oftentimes worst-case scenario.



And when we’re in overwhelm and trying to get intuitive guidance, sometimes we don’t know what’s what. 



So the first grounding technique that I use all the time and if you follow my videos you probably know what I’m already gonna say but this is super simple where you put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly and imagine like you’re breathing up through your feet, breathing in through your nose and then exhale with the sound ahhhh.



You can do that two more times with each inhale, just rooting back into your physical body, and with each exhale imagine that you’re pushing the energy of anybody else out away from you. Any noise and any blah blah blah.



As we start to connect back to home number one – our physical bodies and on that third exhale, my favorite thing to do is to close my eyes and really just use my imagination to even imagine like I’m going in an elevator dropping from this place of chatter down past my eyes, past my nose, pass my throat down into my heart space and down into the belly. From there you can pause and even put a timer on your phone.



It’s a really simple way to do this so just allow yourself to have this container that will quiet the chatter of the blah blah blah and it’s amazing because it’s like instant meditation all of a sudden.



You’ll find yourself not only having more space and capacity but you’ll actually find this portal to be a place where you can access your intuitive guidance because what happens is you get quiet. Your head gets quiet which gives you the space to drop into the present moment and to access your intuition.



I know when I’m feeling ungrounded when my head not only talks a lot but also I end up moving really fast in life. All of a sudden everything that’s in my to-do list becomes extraordinarily pressing and I feel like a little chicken with my head. A chicken with its head cut off running around from one place to another.



So when we even start to use these techniques a big thing that we can even start to pay attention to is our own energy.



If we’re not aware that we’re ungrounded meaning I’m rushed, I’m in black and white, I feel like there’s a sense of emergency, I feel like maybe sometimes if I make the wrong decision the consequences are going to be huge.



These are all signs and flags that you’re feeling ungrounded.



Overwhelm is another one. Feeling like you have no choice is another one



And when we can even just start to notice that energetically, that can give us pause to say “Hey. Right now I’m feeling ungrounded which means little red flag. Hello, it’s time to slow down.



The other thing that I would just say is oftentimes you know as empaths, sensitives, and intuitive, we are really good at being helpers. We can sometimes like to ask the what I call “ Why playing for help our guides our angels our higher self” but oftentimes we forget to ask the x-plane. The people in our lives.



So even as we’re starting to get grounded just check in with yourself. How much am I overdoing? where can I even get more support? And where can I ask to make a direct ask of the people around us to show up to do that?



For example in my own life if I’m feeling really super ungrounded and feeling overwhelmed and I can tell oftentimes because I will get crabby or short I like to say “crispy”. It’s a good indication that I also need to ask for some help. So even there I will ask my partner to go grocery shopping.



A really simple way– there he is whistling right now. 


This is another way that we can start to clear the plate and create space to access intuitive guidance.



Now here’s another tool that we can use. So if you’re feeling super ungrounded and can’t seem to find any place to rest another simple tool that you can use right now to help ground you so that you can better access your intuition is you take your right hand and put it underneath your armpit and then take your left arm and wrap it around yourself.



And just like we did the first time put a timer on your phone for three minutes and gently close your eyes. Then start to pay attention to the physical sensations around you.  Feeling the weight of your body in your chair. Feeling your feet on the ground, feeling the sensation of your clothes like I’m sitting on a velvet couch right now.



All of these cues, all of this way that we can focus our attention bring us back into the present moment and gets us out of overthinking. It  gets us out of anxiety so that we can now create the space to listen in the present that’s what’s key. Intuition is in the present moment.



So hand on your heart hand on your belly. Second of is ask for help. Good one.


Third, armpit under the right and left closing your eyes and just really sinking into this moment.



Now, the other really big thing and this will be grounding technique number three is that we are sensitive to energy and vibration.



There’s even something called emotional contagion which means that we can get infected with the energy of the people around us. This can even happen on our phones when you scroll social media or zoom when you’re on endless zoom calls.


Maybe you have a friend who can kind of be a doomsday person even via text that infects our energetic bodies. It really does.



And so what happens is when we get into that space of overthinking, we just get disconnected from home number one which is our physical bodies. Where we are connected, where we are rooted, where we are supported.



So when we’re in that space, that’s a very big way that we are in overthinking and when we’re in that we become energetic landfills. If we don’t move or the more that we don’t move, the more that we get ungrounded, the more that we try and figure things out, the more that we get disconnected. So a super super simple way that you can get grounded to access your intuition right now is go for a walk. Go for a walk right now.



I’m in Paris right now and it’s beautiful. it’s almost summer. So going for a walk not only moves our energy but it brings our attention to the present moment. You can start to notice the color of the trees or the flowers. Starting to connect back to our senses that help us move out energy that isn’t necessarily ours and moves us back into ourselves where we can actually create the space to listen.



Now the other thing that I just want to say in order to access intuitive guidance like I said one, resides in the present moment and two, we have to be open to solutions. We have to be open and curious.



When we’re ungrounded, it’s where we are often in fight or flight. We’re trying to figure it out, we’re trying to find these different ways to feel safe. 



So if we can implement ways as a routine –simple ways, simple grounding techniques like hand in your heart hand in your belly, arms around yourself and moving your bod. These are ways that we can also cue in our ego intellect to know what to expect, to know that when we do and use these practices not only it quiets us but gives us more space and capacity to listen.



It’s like anything. Just like riding a bike the more that you use them. The more that they become ingrained and held in your body the more that you’re able to move into ownership and flow.



So those are just some of my favorite grounding routines. If you like this, let me know in the comments section. 



I’ll be happy to do some other ones. I have tons of different grounding routines but those are some of my absolute favorites so if you enjoyed this video, leave me a comment and let me know what you think. I absolutely love to hear from you!



Sending you all my love, Gros bisous de Paris. Au revoir!


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