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3 Life-Changing Lessons I Learned Growing Up in a Psychic Family

3 Essential lessons that I learned growing up in a Psychic Spiritual Family.

If you’re somebody who grew up in what we call a five-sensory family where maybe you didn’t talk about spirit guides or your vibes or anything and we’re curious about what it was like to grow up in a psychic family.


What are some of the things that you learn?

So today I want to talk to you about what it was like to grow up in a psychic family. A psychic spiritual family and some of the different life lessons I learned and some of the things that you can apply to your own life.


Principle Number One: Trust your vibes always and in all ways


In my family, your vibes were as important as the information that we gather from the world around us.


It can be so easy in our world where we so value the intellect and information as the principal way of navigating the world that we often haven’t been given mirrors or support and really trusting our vibes.


But in my world, your vibes were your essential compass. You talked about your guides. You connected to your vibes. That was our lifeblood.


And even as a little kid. I remember when I was super little and this is something that I feel so grateful for is anytime that my sister and I ever had a bad vibe my mom would tell us that we could go to her at any time and just squeeze her hand two times and that was code for like get me out of here. 


I never had to explain. I never had to explain myself. I never had to even use that as anything other than I have a vibe. 


It is important. It is valued and honored and something that was acted upon.


You know what I find so often in teaching and mentoring clients and all of it is that you are psychically connected and divinely guided. Your vibes work just perfectly. 


It’s not a matter of needing to become better or even develop your intuitive sense. It first starts with honoring your intuitive sense.


Do you have a vibe? You don’t need to explain it just trust it.


That alone will start to build your confidence in yourself, in your vibes, and your intuition, and really start to pay attention to the language of not only your own subconscious but of your spirit.




Principle Number Two:  There’s always a solution


What I love about this and I forget is that any time you come up against any issue, problem or any roadblock, there is a solution.


So often in my clients and in the world is we can encounter these different roadblocks and then we get stuck.


We feel like there are no options and that we’re trapped in whether it’s jobs, relationships, or anything. It could even just be choosing a restaurant.


When we start to reframe and open up to this place of having solutions something interesting happens.


We start to get curious and curiosity is one of the bedrocks and the foundation of developing our psychic skills and of developing our intuitive skills because when you’re curious you’re in a listening state.


So being told that there’s always a solution and it might not be one that I’ve thought of or might not even be one that I want at the moment. It always opened me up to this place of being able to search.


In my house growing up, anytime that there was a problem, we would play this game of there’s 10,000 solutions. 


So if I had a problem at school like for example, one time I had a principal that I did not like and I did not know what silly what to do. With that, my mom would say, “Okay well let’s come up with 20 solutions to this problem.” and we would bounce them off around like a ball.


So I’d be like well one solution is I don’t talk to them and one solution is that I protest and so on. That same energy of when you keep coming up with different solutions, two interesting things happen. 


One is at first or my head might talk. Might come up with different solutions that feel obvious. Like, I don’t like my job. So what do you do? Maybe the solution is you quit your job that might be the place of your intellect.


But if you use that same principle bouncing it like a ball and coming up with different solutions, Something will drop in and that is the voice of your spirit and intuition that will surprise you and all of a sudden not only will you come up with a solution but you’re connected to your creativity to yourself and to your place of power.


When we get disconnected from our intuitive sense, we get so linear.


We oftentimes decide that what we know is all there is to know and that’s not true. There’s always a solution.

Principle Number Three: Appearance is the least reliable thing


My mom and my nana would always say this. My nana was deaf and hard of hearing. She grew up in Romania and actually lost her hearing within the holocaust and so she used her intuitive sense as a way to navigate the world.


She lost her hearing as a little kid and because of that she would “Don’t listen to what people say, listen to the vibration and how it feels.”


In our world right now where we get so caught up in social media and

Instagram and all these things of how things appear on the surface.


And if we get caught up in believing that is what’s true, we get cut off from what’s essential.


We get caught up from going on below the surface. Not only to your own intuition but to a place of your own vibration.


When we can start to pivot that and recognize that appearance is only not reliable but that is a facade. We can dive deeper by trusting our intuitive sense by asking ourselves questions like: “Does this resonate as true? Does this resonate? Is that true? Does that feel true?”

That’s when we can start to open up not only to our other senses but we can connect to solutions, connect back to our spirit and connect back to our essential selves.


 So those are just some of the lessons that I learned. I learned a lot more.


If you liked this video leave me a comment. I’m happy to hear from you. Maybe I’ll do this as a series.

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