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3 Easy Tools to Stay Grounded

As empathic, sensitive beings, we are often very sensitive to the energy around us, whether it be family, coworkers, friends.

And when we’re affected, we don’t see centered. This often leads us into over giving, people pleasing, poor boundaries.


So I’m going to share with you three simple ways to hold and center your own energy so you’re not thrown off course.

Holding your grounded, energetic center as an intuitive and empathic person is key as a way to not get drained as we walk through life because as vibrational beings, the energy that surrounds us affects us.

You can maybe recall hanging out with a friend who’s having a hard time and then all of a sudden you’re feeling ungrounded, you’re feeling centered.

Maybe you’re talking to a family member who just fought with somebody else, and all of a sudden, you recognize that pull, that place of just getting caught in the undertow of somebody else’s vibration.

And if we don’t stay grounded and know how to hold our own
energetic center, which leads to poor boundaries, people pleasing over giving, overthinking, and disconnecting us from the present moment, from our intuition, and from ourselves.

This is often a plague for us intuitive, sensitive people. I know all the time that I get affected by the energy of the people around me.

How do we hold on to our energetic center?

And it might be even so simple as now you’re on your intuitive journey and you’re making new decisions, and you have to talk about it with your friends or coach, not necessarily coworkers, your friends, or your family.

And you’re like, How do I stay in myself because they don’t get it?

Well, the first thing when we talk about staying grounded in our own energy that’s so important is first, we must remember that our body is home number one.

We get affected by other people’s energy because we are vibrational beings; emotions and energy are infectious. You can feel it.

It’s true. It’s called Emotional Contagion. It’s literally like a virus.

So when we first recognize that we’re affected, the first thing we must do is root into our physical bodies, home number one.

A simple tool that I always like to use is what am I looking at?

Anchor yourself into the present moment, look at what something is in the room, and then take a breath. Now, look at something else. I am looking at my window. Take a breath. I am looking at my blue couch. I
take a breath. I feel the weight of my body in my chair and take a breath.

When we can start to root back into the present moment, that helps us to root back into our own felt experience and kind of gives us a bit of an energetic shield.

When we are confronted with other people’s energy, whether it’s dissatisfaction or something more spicy, the first thing that will happen is that our ego-intellect goes into overdrive.

This will cause us to get into overthinking.

Is it me?

Is it something that I’ve done?

What can I do? How can I fix this?

And that little rotisserie chicken on a spit that gets afraid, that gets into a fight, flight, freeze, figure it out and disconnects us.

The moment that we take a breath and look at something in our surroundings. It helps to bring us back.

The second thing is my other favorite tool that I’ve learned from my mom, Sonia Choquette.

And this tool is called Observe, Don’t Absorb.

When we recognize energy, however, it may be, even our feeling of growth, of making a new decision of doing something uncomfortable.

For example, I had a client just the other day.

She is new on her spiritual journey, and she has a partner who is very left
brain that does not get it, not interested, not a thing and that’s okay.

But she wanted to go to a full moon ritual.

Actually, she went to a full moon ritual, came back, was so excited about all these different things on her brand new spiritual journey and just started sharing her experiences with him but she felt that he wasn’t that interested.

And there was a part of her that got into overdrive. She was like, I’m feeling all sorts of different things and she’s overly explaining herself.

Really just noticing and feeling his own kind of more withholding, but not that enthusiastic energy.

So, this is a simple tool of we observe.

First, I observe my own energy. How am I feeling?

Am I in that little rotisserie chicken on a spit, and then observe whoever else’s energy you’re interacting with?

Like I noticed that my boyfriend isn’t that available. That’s also okay.

So, I am just going to observe his energy. I’m not going to absorb his energy.

I’m not going to take on whatever his experience, narrative,
or understanding is. I’m just going to look and see it for what it is.

When we can practice, observe, don’t absorb. It helps to not only buffer our own energetic shields but also gives the people in our lives the grace to have their own experiences.

It’s not ours to fix, figure out, explain. I can just notice.

And when she noticed her boyfriend was not that into it.

She can observe his energy and tell that she can share bits of her full moon ritual with him but she doesn’t have to divulge every little detail.

I can observe that for me, this energy doesn’t feel good when I’m sharing something in this space that I’m excited about that he is not that interested in.

So I can observe that energy. I’m not absorbing it. I’m not taking it on.

Now, this brings us to rule number three.

Respond, don’t react.

Now, this can be a little bit more challenging.

When we are holding our own energy, seeing centered in ourselves Is hard because we can our little ego – intellect.

Like for example, with my client, her feelings may have been hurt, or she was hurt that he wasn’t that interested.

So her first emotional response may have been, “Well, you’re never interested in the things that I care about or whatever”, engaging
in some sort of emotional kerfuffle.

So instead, when she can observe the energy, not absorb it, not take it on, she can take that minute and that pause and respond instead of react.

In the ways that we respond instead of react is coming back to that very first simple tool that I gave you of taking a breath, anchoring into the present moment, noticing what our feeling bodies are feeling, taking that same breath, exhaling, grounding out, and then responding.

For my client, It was even as simple as, “This might not be for you, but would you be interested to hear a bit about this because this was exciting for me.”

And actually, for him, he was able to hear some of it and be supportive in the way that he was available.

But instead of having to react to whatever his own experience was, it gave her a place to choose.

Now, responding and not reacting is really big when we are faced with people who are in a lot of emotional turmoil or drama. We can observe their energy, observe that they’re having an experience but not absorbing it.

Second of all, take a breath. That’s where we can start to turn that trust over to their higher self, to their spirit, that this is not mine to fix, figure out, or manage.

And when I can respond from a place in my own heart space and even just say, “It sounds like you’re having a hard time; that must be challenging for you. I understand.”

Then, we can respond with more grace and react.

And what happens is that often, in their own energetic turmoil, they’ll start to settle down because a lot often, what I know to be true is that when people are upset, the big thing that they want more than anything isn’t necessarily a solution, it’s not for you to take it off their plate but emotional witnessing.

They want to feel understood of what they’re feeling.

And so when we can observe, not absorb, take a moment, and respond to what’s underneath being said.

How are they feeling? Maybe they’re disappointed. Maybe they’re overwhelmed. Why? Instead of reacting, feeding the fire of drama.
It will help create an energetic shift.

That is a way that we can hold our own grounded energy.

That very simple tool might be, “Yo, If I check in with my own energy field, I don’t have that availability right now.”

I just had my neighbor come into town, and we were chit-chatting.

She was sharing with me that she has a new friend. At dinner, her new friend said, “Hey, I was just talking to our other mutual friend. She unloaded and shared all this really heavy stuff with me, and I need to share it. Do you have availability to hear it?”

And I loved that she said after taking a breath, “Actually, I don’t.”

That was an energetic boundary.

So, instead of reacting to her friend’s upset and distress, she responded from a grounded, centered place of self instead of overgiving.

Let’s go to four.

So if you are suddenly caught into that undertow, all of those different tools didn’t work out, and you find yourself triggered and hairpin feel on that same strong like bang.

Or maybe you got downloaded on. There are so many different things, and you can feel it in your body. You can feel how it has uncentered you.

The biggest thing that I always say is to move your energy. Go for a walk,
go put on some music, song, dance, shake it off.

And when we shake it off, it helps to cut energetic chords and return us back to center.

The more that we move, the more that we move our bodies, the more that we spend time moving physically, yoga, dance, anything (maybe even just five minutes a day); it brings us back to our own center. Back to our own vibration, where we can hold ourselves and those walls.

So these are just a few simple tools for you on how to hold your energetic ground.

If you like this, leave me a comment. I would love to hear from you.

Do you have a favorite tool that you use to stay grounded in your own energy?

And more importantly, if you really want to develop your intuition, your relationship with your spirit, and really even build a spiritual community, join my Psychic YOUniversity class.

We would love to have you there.

I cannot wait.
It will be so much fun.

So I am sending you all my love,


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